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July 2015


My First Blog Giveaway

Mooooooorning, Good afternoon or Good night….wherever you may be reading this from!) I only just found out I have quite a few readers in the United States which is so amazing!…… Well, it’s 10am this Friday and I have only just woke up! Haha I…


5 Ways to Get Motivated

You put your heart and soul into something and for what? If your not seeing the results you want straight away, it’s easy to lack motivation- you might even move onto the next thing altogether, but if you’re truly striving for something, sometimes all it takes is re-evaluation. Are…

How to: LYFE

Tips to making your Instagram Beautiful

Finding your Instagram niche can take a while, but once you find it, it’s important to stick to it. Everyone has their own opinion of what makes an account beautiful, my favourite accounts vary from monotone and minimal to crazy kawaii accounts with loads…


Paper Towns Preview

On Sunday, I was invited to the preview of John Greens’ latest “book turned movie” Paper Towns. Being a huge TFIOS fan, I accepted straight away! Okay? Okay 😉 So this was the look I decided to go for. Just a really simple mixture of black,…


8 Tips to Feeling Better about Yourself

We all have days where we aren’t feeling our best. Especially, during these cold months, the lack of vitamin D doesn’t really work in our favour! I have listed below a few tips I find helpful to perking me up when I’m not feeling…