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September 2015

LYFE Real Talk

The truth about counting calories.

These days on social media, you are highly praised for having a size zero waist. The amount of pressure on you is higher than ever before and it can be a daunting feeling. This is why I decided to share how the social media pressure has affected me, and how much damage it…


Wine Tasting On Waiheke

A beautiful Monday spent wine tasting on Waiheke Island.. On our way! (My new haircut, courtesy of the Wella Trend Vision Show I did on the weekend, will have photo’s soon I hope!) After spending the last two very long days prepping for the…


How I achieve longer looking lashes

In the last month or so- I have been getting quite a few comments on my lashes (with falsies on and without) My lashes aren’t very long naturally, so this has been a great little confidence booster for me. I have always loved long…