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October 2015


Classic Black and Gold Playsuit / Festival wear

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a few of these photo’s floating around.. I have become a little obsessed with these metallic tattoos, which I literally picked up at the $2 shop. I know you can buy better quality ones online, with…


6 Beauty Hacks to wake up feeling better tomorrow

We all have heard the term “beauty sleep” but how often do you actually wake up feeling beautiful? The life of the modern girl is a tough one and we barely have time for one-hour beauty treatments, so why not use your 8 hour sleep…

How to: LYFE

The Modern Girls Guide to Social Media

These days it seems like you can find everything you need to know about someone with a simple Google search (a scary but true thought!) Social media accounts are now acting as a digital resume, so it’s more important than ever to manage them carefully. Your…



  A Shopaholics Guide to Saving. I like many others have recently read Girlboss. If you don’t already know, Girlboss is the thought provoking book written by Sophia Amoruso. It teaches us all how to become a Boss in our own right. I’m not saying you…