If you have never heard of a Capsule Wardrobe before, it is quite simply- a mini wardrobe made up entirely of versatile pieces that you absolutely love wearing. It’s a minimal wardrobe, with no clutter, no mess and no items of clothing that you hate.

The reasoning behind a capsule wardrobe? It takes the stress of outfit planning away and saves you money because you are no longer needing to shop for more “things” It’s basically a simpler way of living. In saying that, it’s definitely not boring.


Do you find yourself going into pretty stores and buying a bunch of new pieces only to go back to wearing your same old favorites? Or, do you wake up in the morning and stare into your closet thinking you have absolutely nothing to wear? Even though your wardrobe is full to the brim? Yeah? Me too.

So why do we have closets full of clothing we don’t actually love? Why do we continue to spend money on things we don’t need, just to get home and realize that we will probably never wear that particular item?

How brilliant would it be, if you could look into your closet right now and LOVE every single piece hanging up? To be able to quickly pull an outfit together because, their was nothing in your wardrobe you wouldn’t wear.

A capsule wardrobe means less clutter, less stress and less spending money on trends that fade (money that you may not actually have to begin with) It mean’s you can spend more time doing the things you really love out of life and using your time to spend with friends and family.



The first step? De-Clutter. This is not a easy process, so make sure you have a few hours free. The easiest way to start your cleaning out process? Remove your entire wardrobe (Yes, really) Take everything out.. Now.

Lay everything out and start making up your Piles.

LOVE This is all the clothing you love and wear all the time, you can place this pile back into your closet with ease.

MAYBE This your pile of clothing that for some reason or another, you just don’t wear it. This is also the pile that your not quite ready to throw away, so have it in boxes in a garage or another room so the option is still their, it’s just not taking up anymore valuable closet space

NOPE.. I like taking piles of clothing to a charity bin, or swapping/donating to friends.

SEASONAL Keep this pile but you don’t need it handy.

So now your closet is left with just your LOVE pieces and your closet should basically be your style just staring back at you. Your wardrobe won’t be perfect yet, but it will be a simplistic way of finding the pieces you already own and love (just with less clutter) I would urge you not to shop for new pieces until the month is up. Living with what you already have will teach you how to live and dress in a minimal way. When your ready to shop again, plan ahead and only shop for the pieces that are missing from your wardrobe.

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