Dress ups with Natalie and Pia

_G9A2569-Edit[1]Hey bbs! Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day! I basically use this day as a great excuse to eat chocolate in bed, wear lots of pink stuff and watch re-runs of The O.C (but hey, that’s pretty much a normal day for me!)

As you can see, I’ve been busy playing dress up’s with Pia Boutique and Natalie Chan.

Eeeep what fun they are. I had so much fun on this shoot, sipping on some purple coke, playing with wigs and munching on peanut m&m’s in between outfits. With the Gorgeous Clara Pafundi shooting me and Jemima who made my face up all pretty, together we created these shots, and I’m sooo excited to be posting them 😀

What do you guys think?




Natalie Chan:

Yellow “Milan” dress

White Bow “La Fayette Creme”

Pia Boutique

Green Skirt

Pink Lace Top

Oranges Frill Dress

Purple Set

The Cashmere Company

Leather Satchel

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