How I achieve longer looking lashes

falsiesIn the last month or so- I have been getting quite a few comments on my lashes (with falsies on and without) My lashes aren’t very long naturally, so this has been a great little confidence booster for me. I have always loved long lashes and tried my best to achieve them. So after receiving tons of comments on them I thought I should do a quick post on my morning routine and how I try to make my lashes stand out.

I haven’t used Revitalash or anything like that yet, because my eyes can be a little sensitive and I’m a little worried they will react to the product? The results I have seen from it on other people are incredible however, so I am quite tempted.

white eyeliner

White Liner

My little life saver. I am so in love with white eyeliner! It makes your eyes appear bigger and I feel like it just wakens up your whole face. White liner is such a game changer. I use it everyday. Light, bright eyes will really highlight your thick black lashes. Apply the white eyeliner on your bottom waterline and in the inner corner to really brighten up your entire eye before applying your mascara etc.

Excuse the towel on my head, I was just having a waay better eyelash day

Excuse the towel on my head, I was just having a waay better eyelash day

Apply your mascara from multiple angles

I probably spend a little bit longer now than I ever have before just applying my mascara. I try to apply it to every eyelash. After I have done my first “basic” application, I’ll change up the angle of the brush to make sure I can apply to the smaller lashes without making a mess. I usually make a mess anyway, but it’s easy to fix up. Just wait for the mascara to dry, then grab a cotton bud and dab it off, super easy! I also apply to the top the with my eye half open so that I can apply to the back and the front (if that makes sense) It just makes your lashes look way longer, if you can apply mascara to the very root of your lash.


Wear two mascara’s

I don’t do this every morning, but if I have a mascara and it’s just not doing what I want it too, I’ll definitely apply two. Sometimes one is good for length and the other volume, so they just help each other out. You have to do this quickly. You don’t want to apply extra mascara if the mascara you have got on has already dried, just to avoid too much clumpiness. Also, I’m super fussy with my mascara’s I hate mascara that applies black and nothing else. Ugh… give me length baby. My favourite mascara at the moment is 100% the Avon super extend Infinitize Mascara. I actually ran out of it recently, so instead of throwing it out- I kept the bottle and I just dip the brush into my new mascara which I’m not that fond of and it works just as well! I can’t remember where I learnt this tip from but it’s amazing! The truth is, all mascara is the same it’s the brushes that make all the difference.

antoinette bonbon false eyelashes blonde

Falsies baby

My favourite False Lashes are by Ardell. They are made from human hair (cringe?) but they feel so light and look pretty natural too. If I’m going for a more dramatic look, I’ll actually just buy some cheap lashes from the $2 shop- They are all made from the same thing and then I’ll just use my normal glue (the cheap lash glue does not work! I have learnt this by unfortunate experiences) Invest in some Ardell Lash glue, its super affordable and lasts forever! I have had mine for a year now.

eyelash post

Add a wing

If in doubt, add a wing! I think a small wing can totally make your lashes stand out more and just add a little more drama of your lashes. Make sure you apply  your white eyeliner as well, I swear by it! Again, I don’t do a wing every day just when I feel like it. I used to do EVERY day, but I can’t really be bothered anymore so now when I do it, it’s just a nice change.


Hope this helps! I’m no way near a make up artist this is just some basic tips that I use every day 🙂 If you have any tips for me, or think that Revitalash is the way to go, leave me a comment below xx

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  • I have small lashes but your post resolved my problem .Thanks for sharing.

  • Damn. That liquid eye liner application is amazing! I’ve forgotten about the miracle that is white eyeliner…not any more! Thank you xxx

    • Right! White eyeliner is so often forgotten about, but it’s really amazing <3

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