Flowers-windowI have a confession to make…. A few months ago I coloured my own hair, well twice actually. Both attempts, I applied a half head of bleach retouch and left the bottom in a attempt to avoid blotchiness. Hint; it didn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend colouring your own hair at home. Even though I have been in the Hair Industry for over 5 years, I found this to be an extremely difficult task. The top sections looked OK but the underneath was left with patchy yellowy orange regrowth. It wasn’t pretty. I decided to finally get it fixed and I have learnt my lesson for sure! See a professional (always!)

So a couple of weeks ago, my cousin who is a professional hairdresser helped me fix up the colour with a bleach and tone. The result was a more natural blonde and I have been very happy with the results. As the toner has started to wash out I decided to go in to the salon for even more natural tones as I am working my way towards a very soft ballayage. (Think Taylor Swift with longer hair) So I now have a even base of the deeper ash blonde at the roots that blend into the light blonde/silvery ends. I am so happy with the results! See below for the recipe and application process.

IMG_4025 (2)

We initially bleached my uneven roots with Bleach and 40vol. Concentrating mainly on the orangey patches that would be harder to get even.

The toner we used was 8.3 + 10vol on the roots and 9.1 + 10vol on the ends.

This colour immediately gave my blonde a much softer and prettier look. It toned down the harshness from my previous bleach and I received loads of compliments on my new hair. After a couple of weeks I decided to deepen the roots to work a little more towards my end goal.

The toner;

On washed, towel dried hair, the toner was applied at the roots first and then the ends colour was milked through.

Root Colour: 7.0 + 8.1 + 6vol

Ends: 10.12 + Clear + 6 vol

Left on for five minutes, then rinsed off with a treatment to follow.

New hair- marilyns

I was really lucky to have the new Fusio Dose treatment by Kerastase. A beautiful treatment that is designed to help with any of your hair’s concerns. The treatment is tailored to your hair needs and is made up by your stylist at the basin specifically for you. Because I have had quite a number of bleach and tones I had the Protein treatment for strength. When I went out later that night, even my friend noticed how soft and healthy my hair looked.

New Hair

Hair and treatment done at Marilyns

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