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March 2015


Let’s go to the Hop!

Hey guys! I just got back from the Beach Hop down in Whangamata! A week of red lips, winged eyeliner, pretty dresses…. Oh and some classic cars too 😛 I am way too excited to post these photo’s! Richard’s photo taking skills are getting better…


Ugh, As if!

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Today I am posting from my bed- feeling rather ill 🙁 I think I ate something weird yesterday so now I’m definitely paying for it… Luckily I had taken these pics earlier so I…

How to: LYFE

How The F#*k do I wear Floral Jeans?

A couple of days ago I was asking some of the girls from work what my next topic for this segment  should be. Alicia, was telling me she had a pair of floral jeans, and she had no idea what to pair them with. Initially, I didn’t…


Hello Sailor!

Sunday adventures with my Sailor…. ….and what a lovely Sunday it was! Waking up early to go to the farmers markets then out to the beach for a few pics, and heading off for a light lunch and shopping… The best kind of Sunday. This is one…