8 Tips to Feeling Better about Yourself


We all have days where we aren’t feeling our best. Especially, during these cold months, the lack of vitamin D doesn’t really work in our favour! I have listed below a few tips I find helpful to perking me up when I’m not feeling 100%

If your not feeling your best, I urge you to try one or two!

1. Listen to your favourite album. LOUD. Preferably one that comes with some good memories and one that you can dance along too in your PJ’s!

2. Big cups of tea, while watching your favourite show on the couch. I like watching something that’ll make me laugh. ( 2 Broke girls will normally do the trick!)

3. Do something you love. I really like pulling out my big notepad and writing or doodling, I can do it for hours. it’s so therapeutic. It’s also really nice to write, when your away from the computer, to really get back to what you love!

4. Get outdoors! Fresh air can do the world of difference. Even just having your lunch outside can awaken your senses.

5. Wear your favourite outfit. How we look, changes our attitude about ourselves dramatically

6. Eat lots of healthy food. Nothing brings your spirits down more if you’ve eaten a lot of sugary or greasy foods. Try getting a little more creative with healthy foods too. Julia and Libby have some of the best recipes to try!

7. Try applying your makeup differently. Every now and then, I’ll sit down with all of my make up and my Ipad and watch Shaaanxo. I’ll try follow along and see how I go. Trying new tricks can get you out of your boring routine and can make you feel more revived.

8. Take a moment. Remember to acknowledge how far you have come! Look around you, remember what you started with? We all lose our sense of self worth, especially when something goes wrong. the truth is, you are doing so much better then you think you are!


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