Our week in Raro

DSCN0372 (2)A little mash up of our holiday pics summing up our week in Raro.

Last Sunday, we flew out to Rarotonga for 5 nights away. Mom really spoilt us by putting us up in business class, where I was snapped taking badly lit selfies and the Champagne was already flowing before we had even arrived, it made for a really interesting plane ride…. 🙂

The plan was for me to vlog our daily happenings, but I was on holiday mode and gave up after day two, so instead I put together the footage I did manage to get. Basically me following my sister around the Island. Literally, we biked around the ENTIRE Island…Which was long but fun- obviously we also stopped at like 5 different resorts for a swim and a drink because fitness is boring sober 😛

Rarotonga is one of my favourite places to visit. We stayed at the Moana Sands Villas which was amazing, I loved that we had our own kitchen so we could easily cook our own food instead of having to eat out for every meal. The atmosphere is so chill and basically any night you decide to go out you can find a party….or maybe that was just our group 😉

Girls trips away are so much fun but I’m definitely paying for it now (currently typing from bed)

Until next time Raro!


DSCN0310DSCN0265 (2)

DSCN0161 (2) DSCN0186 (2)DSCN0357 (2)Lunch with a viewDSCN0078 (2)DSCN0124 (2) DSCN0374 (2)DSCN0063 (2) DSCN0207 (2)DSCN0262 (2)

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