White shirt dresses are the crem dela crem when it comes to nailing that effortlessly cool look. They are easy to style and don’t require too much time and effort when getting ready in the morning (perfect for the fashionably late girl) Finish the look off with a corset and some cool boots or just your favorite sneakers.

Shop my faves here:


Dissh | Showpo | Pretty Little Thing | BNKR | The Fifth | Princess Polly



I’m all about the embroidery, you can always make your outfit just a little bit cooler when there is some badass detailing going on and embroidery seems to nail it every time. I love this skirt here it’s effortlessly cool and looks great paired with a crop top! You can’t go past a good denim jacket like this one here! If you’re wanting a little glam embroidery for your feet, these shoes here are one of a kind!




I think I’m always going to love adding little bits of gold luxe to my outfits, whether it’s a statement piece or just some delicate jewelry. I love the glam vibe it gives and how a little gold can instantly make your outfit have that element of luxuriousness.

Shop my fave statement pieces here:

Showpo | Princess Polly | MinkPink | Sabo Skirt

Shoe Edit:

Decjuba Loafers | Therapy Boots | PP Loafers

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