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Hey everyone!

I feel like I haven’t posted in ages! Some of my posts are now lost in translation due to the changeover to my new site. I hope you guys are liking the new layout, I think it feels more “clean” if that makes sense? Anyway you can look forward to lot’s more posts without the terrible ads down the bottom of the page! I have lots of cool ideas, I’m just running out of time to fit them all in. I’ll get there!

Today I wanted to share with you some pictures Richard and I took on the weekend at this deserted little place near his work. We thought it could make some cool pictures and I was super keen to shoot my new shoes from Forever 21. Ugh, why can’t we have Forever 21 in New Zealand? The store’s are so huge and it’s so cheap in comparison to New Zealand!…Unfortunately they did get really muddy 🙁 We had to climb through all sorts of mud and bush to get inside, I went home and cleaned them up straight away!


Jacket: Farmers

Shirt: Queenshop

Pants: Glassons

Shoes: Forever 21




Antoinette, Auckland Fashion Blogger


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  • Hannah

    Loving the new layout 🙂

    • Antoinette

      Thanks 🙂 xx