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homa the label (1 of 1)THE TUBE MARBLE NECKLACE BY HOMA.

If there is one thing I love, it’s supporting small companies.

You may not be aware of this, but I grew up with a father who built up his own family business which he turned into a thriving company and that’s all I have known my whole life. I have so many memories of him trying to support small local businesses and avoiding the larger chains where possible. So naturally, supporting local has always been massively important to me. I know what impact it has on the family behind the business and I also know what supporting local can do for our economy.

When HOMA the label found me on Instagram, they got in touch with me and asked how I would feel about wearing one of their necklaces and sharing the love on Instagram. I only had to take one look at their site to realise that their company was one that I 100% wanted to support.

When my necklace arrived, it came attached with a personalised note from the team and I have to say- it just really struck a cord with me. The little details and the care they took is exactly what I love about small businesses. There is just so much personalisation and care behind it. I can honestly say, the necklace is stunning- a delicate tube marble necklace which goes so perfectly with most of my wardrobe, considering I keep my closet fairly monochrome!

To top it all off, this necklace retails for $20! Well worth every cent, so thank you again HOMA you have found yourself a new supporter x

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