Mirror SunglassesMirrored Sunglasses.

Happy Monday!

Something I have always had an obsession with is Sunglasses, especially the bold brighter styles. They have always had their way of drawing me in  and probably always will. They can completely change your whole look, so even if your feeling lazy and can’t be bothered dressing up, your sunglasses can give your casual look some extra sass and help you look a little more put together (and let’s be honest their perfect for those no-makeup days when you’re out running errands!)

Mirror Sunglasses have been taking over social media land by storm and almost every blogger has been seen wearing a variation of the pair. I had my eyes on getting some in for my blog shop for quite some time and I finally got a few styles in! (and some for myself too- obviously!) I am completely obsessed with them and have been wearing them on the daily.

My giveaway last week was so popular and I had so many comments on them so hopefully, I’ll have another one running on my Snapchat very soon! Just let me which colour you think I should giveaway in the comments below and I’ll try and make it happen!

For those that can’t wait- I have added the new mirror sunglasses to my shop and although I only have very limited stock in right now, I’ll be adding more styles in next month! (They retail at $18US so roughly $25NZD)

Mirror Sunglasses side viewMirrored Sunglasses Silver Silver; These have such a cool reflective on them and I love the way they look in the sun.Mirrored Sunglasses in Black and GoldBlack and Gold; The perfect classic pair, that goes with anything!

Mirror Sunglasses

Remember to let know what your favourite comments are below, and be sure to be following me on Snapchat too!

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