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Something I will never do, is tell someone else how to dress, or to say to someone that I don’t like their outfit. Style is a personal thing and even though you might not like someone elses, it’s a personal choice and it’s one that you should feel comfortable with.

Style is not just the clothing, it’s an attitude. It’s how you feel when you look a certain way, and no one should belittle that. At the same time, I do know how it feels to be uncomfortable in what your wearing, or worse- if you love your outfit and then some mole makes you feel bad about wearing it. If someone tries to put you down about your appearance or your clothes, it’s more then likely, they have some pretty serious hang ups, and my best advice is too just remember that.

The best way to avoid feeling crap about yourself in these situations is confidence. Confidence is something that I found through finding my own style. When you feel good about how you look, you gain a certain type of confidence that everybody deserves to feel.

So, today I’m want to go through my key tips of defining your personal style and gaining the confidence you deserve.
Define your personal style1. Who are your style inspirations?

There is normally a reason you naturally gravitate to someones style, and as weird as it may seem, using someone else as a guide can be a great start to finding out what you like/dislike and how you should be pairing items together. Celebrities and fashion icons are always wearing cool new looks and because there are so many different icons out there, there are bound to be a handful that you naturally love. If you have some spare time, take a look over on Pinterest and create a board full of your favorite icons outfits. Is there a outfit pattern happening throughout the board?

128_web how to define your personal style 2. Work on your wardrobe

Before you can feel confident in every outfit you put together, you need to clear out your wardrobe to have a clear direction of where your style is at, I honestly love this guide and couldn’t recommend it enough.

define your personal style 3. Figure out what works for your body shape

It’s all about shape (not size) when dressing. This is something a lot of people get confused with. Regardless of whats trending, if you wear outfits that are flattering to your body shape and underline your best assets, your going to look fabulous no matter what. I actually learnt about body shapes through Trinny and Susannah, and I found some blog posts of theirs to use as a guide also which you can check out here!

define your personal style

Okay ladies, now it’s your turn to tell me- How do you describe your own personal style?

Outfit details;

Full Set is from Review

Review is a chic, luxurious label that is also vintage inspired. Review recently made it’s way over the ditch and can now be found in the Westfield, St Lukes mall. (Much more accessible for us kiwi gals!)

I can actually see this jumper making a seriously cute statement with some high-waisted jeans and maybe some cute little kitten heels, what do you think?

Images by Erica Jane

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