Hey guys, happy Monday!

You guys MAY have seen that I’m currently expanding and looking for some fab new writers to contribute to this blog, and more on that change will be coming soon! At the moment I’m still on the hunt so if you love this blog and would like to contribute please check out the details here and get in touch!

Anyways, lately I’ve been really drawn to tops with some kind of embroidered detailing, phrase or saying… it really adds an interesting detail to an otherwise simple top.

I got quite a bit of DM’s on the one featured above… it’s currently available at H&M however I don’t have a link for it so if you have a store near you, make sure you head down to find it!

You could possibly even customise these tees yourself if you’re good with sewing? I can barely sew a button on without poking myself with the needle so I’ll stick to finding already embroidered pieces online LOL.

Here are my top 5 favorites under $100:

  1. Adolescent Clothing
  2. Double Trouble (lucky)
  3. Double Trouble (heartbreaker)
  4. Princess Polly
  5. Twiin

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