GIRL CRUSH (1)I caught up with mega babe and fashion blogger, Erin Bateman from MAFS to talk about fashion, her label and what the hardest thing about being on the show was, read to find out what she had to say!

How did you get into blogging?

It’s something I’ve dabbled in for a long time but I only ever uploaded pictures of my outfits on Instagram, when the show aired and I started getting messages from people asking for details about my outfits I decided it was a good time to start a real blog!

Where do you look for your inspiration?

Mostly fashion shows and then I try to adapt the look to be more commercial. I also gain a lot of inspo from other fashion bloggers like Elle Furguson

Tell us a little bit about your label?

BOY IS MINE THE LABEL has been a dream of mine, my mum and my sister for many years. We all have a fashion background and have been a very creative trio our whole lives, so we thought let’s make the dream a reality and do it! So we did.


Erin wearing Boy is Mine

Where can we find you when you’re not working on your label or blogging? 

Shopping, taking photos and being creative.

Who are your top 3 style icons? 

Christine Centenera, Anna Dello Russo, They All Hate Us

What one essential is in your closet for winter? 

Pom Pom beanie!

What’s next for you? 

Who knows! Hopefully more exciting stuff to come for BOY IS MINE! I love being creative and styling things and taking photos so hopefully just more of all that!

ERIN BATEMANerin-bateman-bonbon-girlsWhat are your top 3 played songs on Spotify? 

I mostly listen to the radio, so probably whatever is playing on that the most? Haha

And lastly, what was the most challenging bit about being on MAFS? 

All of it. But mostly, wanting to cry without the cameras seeing you AND not being able to have alone/quiet time to reflect on the situation and whats going on – I like to take time to analyse things, even though the show has been over for a while I still find myself trying to make sense of stuff now.

You can check out Erin’s blog and label here.

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