How the F#*k do I wear Culottes?

Hello and welcome to a NEW segment I am adding to the blog!

How the F#*k do I wear that?

I was inspired to add this segment because I often have woman coming up to me, saying that they love how I dress or how I have put my outfit together, but that they wouldn’t know how to style a certain item of clothing themselves. As woman, we are often buying things that we love in store, only to get home to realise that we have no idea what we were thinking! I am hoping that this segment will help woman to feel more confident in what they are wearing, to put outfits together with ease and to make smarter decisions whilst shopping. I am going to focus on a new item every month, so please do tell me if there are any items you would like me to focus on, I would love to know! I will also try and add in different body shapes.

For the very first one I am going to keep it pretty simple. Because with my own wardrobe, I never try to complicate things. Simple works best for me. If you do find fashion challenging, or you find it difficult to master it’s usually because your complicating it. And you don’t need too, fashion is meant to be fun 😀 So lets get this started…

How the F#*k do I wear culottes?

OK so when I first saw that culottes were heading back in stores I was definitely unsure…. I mean, weren’t you? They completely remind me of my awkward tweens when I was forced to wear them at school with my boy haircut and no make-up. But, alas things have changed (especially the no make-up part).. and I’m really digging them, I saw a gorgeous pair in Forever New and have been a fan ever since.

 If you have been eyeing these up yourself and you do decide to go out and buy a pair, you’ll want to make sure you buy a nice fit. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a disaster! Culottes can be super flattering and really dressy when done well, so getting the right fit is important. Below, I have some examples of different ways to wear them, with some different body shapes too.


DO: Match with something fitted on top. Flattering tops/blazers will create a nice shape and balance out the bottom.


DO: Embrace your curves. How good does Tanesha from Girls with Curves look in these pale blue culottes?


DO: Colour block. It gives such a statement look and keeps the look fresh and clean.


DO: Shop smarter. When I said buy a nice fit, I don’t mean expensive. These are the EDT by Glassons range and are absolutely gorgeous. Image: Street Smith


DO: Let them be the statement piece. Don’t complicate your outfit! Image: Londoner in Sydney


Do: For a more casual look, those pointy loafers look AMAZING with culottes. In fact those pointy loafers look amazing with almost anything….. but they look REALLY good with these culottes.

So what do you think? Would you wear them?

A x

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