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How The F#*k do I wear Floral Jeans?

A couple of days ago I was asking some of the girls from work what my next topic for this segment  should be. Alicia, was telling me she had a pair of floral jeans, and she had no idea what to pair them with. Initially, I didn’t think floral jeans would really be a challenge? Floral jeans have been around for quite some time now… and every second girl on the street is wearing them (with good reason too!)

Then she explained that they felt like pyjama pants when she wore them out and struggled trying to pair them with other items in her wardrobe, so I decided to put together a few images where I think floral jeans look amazing. This post will hopefully inspire her and anyone else who may struggle with the confidence to get these babies on!


1. I found this image on Pinterest, there was definitely a strong trend of girls wearing there floral jeans with nude heels and a jacket/cardy I think this look stood out to me because of all the small details. The chunky necklace is perfectly understated because of her black singlet. I’m ALL about the minor details that complete a look


2. More nude shoes, but they are definitely not boring. Making sure your toes are freshly painted! It’s always a little cringe worthy having chipped nails with open toe shoes (Bright toes with nude shoes are a DO)


3. Pairing with Metallic shoes and then keeping everything else simple. Floral jeans are such a statement piece you don’t want to wear them with anything else too patterned. I’m usually all for rule breaking but in this case it’s nice to keep the jeans your statement.


4. These jeans are so girly so sometimes it’s nice to break away from that girly-ness and pair them with a cool army jacket like this one.


5. Cute look for autumn, soft colours and flattering little ankle boots tie in perfectly together.


So I hope that at least one of these five looks has in some way inspired you to dust off those floral jeans in your closet. Now it’s your turn to tell me, what have I missed? What do you like to wear with floral jeans or do you just avoid this trend altogether?

BB x

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