Make Today a Good Day

For when you are needing a little positive energy…..

I’ve found that I am happiest when I am living my life simply. Personally, I don’t love the “hustle” I want to live my life in a way where I can do what I love and enjoy every moment. I don’t want to live a life where I have to wait to achieve something to be happy, because their will always be something else holding you back from happiness if you are living this way. I’m not saying, don’t take risks in life, because where would we be without risks? I’m saying; Less Pressure = Happier life. So that is what I have been focussing on, living the little moments.

Focus Your Energy where it’s needed.

You can do anything you set your mind too, but you can’t do everything. Concentrate on what is important and focus your energy on that. Biting off more then you can chew will leave you feeling stressed so learn how to slow down and how to say no.

Get Active.

Since I started working in a office, I have noticed how lazy and fatigue I have become. A month ago I decided it was time for a change so I have been making the effort to get myself to the gym a few times a week. Not only is it incredibly social, but I have a much healthier perception on life and how I view myself. If I am in a bad mood, a gym session will always change my mind-set and I feel happier.

When it feels scary to jump,  jump.

Otherwise, you will be in the same position forever. Sometimes, you just have to do what scares you the most in order to achieve what you are setting out to achieve.

Living a positive life


Listen to Great Music.

Great music always makes me 10x better in the morning. It makes getting ready fun and gets me really pumped up for the day. Everyone knows getting dressed is so much more fun when your dancing like a maniac, or sitting in traffic is way better when you’re singing at the top of your lungs, just try to not look over at the car next to you, then you realise how much of a dork you actually are (It’s best to pretend no one can see you)

Appreciate the Little Things.

I have found that what really matters in life are the things we tend to give little to no attention. We tend to focus on making money, having a dream career or a dream car, but the truth is, materialistic things aren’t what should drive us. Money in all it’s glory won’t ever make you truly happy. Theirs no denying, it’s nice to have on hand! But truthfully, at the end of the day, what matters the most in life are the people that fill your memories. They give you a sense of happiness and fulfilment and without them, life would just be a little pointless!

Random Acts of Kindness.

Sometimes it’s nice just to be a little kinder than necessary. Kindness is contagious and can really make someone’s day. So remember to take some out to think of others.

How to be happy

Lazy Days are just as Important as Productive Days.

Lazy Days are so good for the soul, especially when you need time to refuel. Don’t self loathe if you feel like being lazy, just embrace it.

Don’t let someone’s opinion of you define who you are.

Just focus on being a better person then you were yesterday. If someone doesn’t like you, the truth is they will probably never see past their own opinion of you, so don’t dwell on it (or them) Their opinion is obviously irrelevant, so you just do you 😉

Fall down seven times, stand up eight



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