When the state of your wardrobe is one haute mess……

Attempting to get ready for work and having “literally nothing to weeeear!” is not anyone’s favorite pastime so why do we continue to make the same mistakes?

I’ve talked about wardrobe planning before and shopping smarter but due to my recent clean out- I wanted to touch base on decluttering.

Due to my ever growing wardrobe- I’ve decided to start making a number of changes. I can no long hoard items and hope I’ll wear them in the future. And frankly, my bank balance cannot manage to keep up with my love of new dresses and shoes, so to carry on- sometimes there is no other option but to make some clever changes along the way.

In this post, I’m talking about wardrobe detoxing, the best ways to save money on new purchases, where you should be looking for a bargain and ways to save your bank balance as well as your wardrobe! And hopefully, it gives you a kick in the right direction to get wardrobe detox started!


The old, one in one out trick. This is the reason I decided to start listing my pieces on TradeMe and Designer Wardrobe. As a fashion blogger I tend to go through a fair bit of clothes (most of which I only wear once or twice!) So I thought this was an awesome way to recycle near-new clothing at a really affordable price tag.

If you are wanting to do this for yourself you can list on so many different platforms now, Facebook, TradeMe and Designer Wardrobe are all awesome platforms to get you started. The great thing about this is when you sell one item, you can use that money to go towards your next purchase!


Being price savvy is an essential for smarter shopping. Buying a brand new bag in a store, with the whole shopping experience is lovely. But does that experience equate to the extra money you’ll most likely be paying?

Using online platforms can save you a ton if you know where to shop. I rarely shop in a store now because I know I’ll most likely be able to find what I like online for cheaper. I would suggest using Designer Wardrobe, Luxe it fwd (for a well-priced designer handbag) and even TradeMe (you never know what you will find)

It takes a little more effort, but shopping around could end up saving you hundreds!


Having a clear out can be good for the soul. I feel so much better when I’m going through my closet now because I no longer have pieces just hanging there that I would never even wear. Everything in my closet is something I would actually wear and every piece has a purpose. I highly recommend you do this, and you have to be gutsy while your doing it! This is vital for stepping away from an OTT hoarding situation. While I was doing my clean out I had all my clothes placed into piles:

The Must Haves: The items you wear often, will wear much more and are true staples or investment pieces in your wardrobe.

The Charitable Pieces: Items that you don’t want, your friends may not want but are still in good enough condition to sell in a charity store.

The little sister pile: It’s nice to give to your sister too, so these are the clothes that are maybe worth a little more, in good condition and you could imagine your sister or bestie wearing. Send them a pic of the piece, and if they don’t want it, throw it into your charity pile. The same goes for your maybe pile after you decide their fate.

The No-Hopers: They’re old, tatty, ugly and quite frankly belong in the bin.


How do you manage your closet? Share your favourite tips with me below!

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  • Adele Miner

    I really needed to read this post, I think a wardrobe de clutter needs to happen for me soon! Well done with all the amazing work on your blog by the way, you go girl! x

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Adele, I see you’re quite the writer yourself! Great blog x

  • I have a similar method to you! When I go through my closet I have a trash bag for my no-hopers and a laundry basket for stuff I can bring to my local clothing donation bin.

    I do this probably twice a season, I honestly can’t believe how much I have that I don’t wear! It doesn’t help that I work in fast fashion – it’s given me an almost ‘disposable’ attitude to clothes that I’m trying to rein in.

    Lexie x

    • It’s such a good method. I have to do it quite a bit too just to keep my wardrobe in check!