I GOT BOTOX! (well actually, I got Dysport) There are very little differences between Dysport and Botox, and if you want to find out a little more about the two, I recommend you read this article here. 

Last Friday afternoon I took a visit down to The Cosmetic Clinic, they officially opened their new clinic in Manukau over the weekend and invited me down for a treatment of my choosing.

I had been thinking about Botox for the last six months so I opted to book in for their alternative, Dysport. In no way was this was this a spur of moment decision, and I made sure to do some homework before my appointment also just so I knew exactly what to expect.

In January, I turned 27 and even though I don’t have any wrinkles yet, I have noticed a fine frown line just between my brows if I overwork it too much. When I am really concentrating I have the tendency to frown, which I only became aware of a few months ago after viewing some footage of myself. I make a real effort not too frown now but at times it’s unavoidable because I don’t actually realise when I’m doing it! Considering I am also a heavy wearer of makeup, it makes the appearance of the line much more visible.

After watching some videos by Shaaanxo– it gave me a new confidence of the treatment. I no longer believe the “face freezing” myths. In fact it’s quite the opposite-  you can’t really see the difference at all, only when I frown now there are no more deep lines.

When I arrived at the clinic I was extremely nervous. Obviously every treatment has side effects but they are extremely rare. When it was time for my appointment I spoke to Karen about my concerns and she was amazing. She made me feel completely at ease and explained how rare the risks are. Karen has been working with injectables for 7 years and said in that time she had never had anyone leave with droopy brows or eyes (phew)

After our consultation we decided to go for the “less is more” approach. With a few injections in my frown and it was over within a few seconds.

The downtime was minimal, I just had to be careful while removing my makeup that night. I didn’t have any issues and within two days I could see the results. Their is no drastic change to my skin but when I go to frown, the line no longer appears and my skin stays relatively smooth. So far I am loving the results and love that it will minimize the effect of my wrinkles as I do start to age.

Dysport lasts about 3-5 months and then it completely leaves your skin, so in no way is it permanent and it is up to you weather you want to continue the treatment (which at this stage, I’m sure I will!)


If you want to take a look at The Cosmetic Clinic’s services make sure you check them out here 

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  • Christel Hansen

    I am so intrigued by Botox! I really want to get the botox for grinding/clenching teeth after I saw Shannon get it done. Seems like such a genius idea if it works!!
    I have just started noticing a couple of lines in my forehead (I need to stop having such an expressive face!) so am seriously considering it. Needles don’t worry me or anything, so I feel like this may be a good option for me! oxoxo

    • Yeah I don’t think you would be disappointed! I’m so convinced by it’s amazing abilities haha I know when it wears off and my frown line slowly comes back I’ll be keen for a top up haha

  • I so want to try something like Botox! I want to stop these wrinkles in their tracks haha. Thanks for sharing your experience lovely!

    • No worries Lexie, dysport could be the way to go? Karen at the Manukau clinic was amazing x

  • I have been considering some botox, or just a few little bits and pieces particularly the lines on my forehead where makeup sometimes ends up getting stuck in – not a good look! I will definitely check them out though if I chose to go ahead in the future!

  • I have noticed the exact same thing with frowning, same crease and everything! So good to hear about your experience, it’s good to know about this option.

    • Ugh isn’t ageing so average haha lucky their are things out there to help a sister out!

  • Elle Hernandez

    First of all, seriously you look so beautiful both in pictures and even more in real life!.
    I never realized they opened a store at Manukau (this is our hood). Anyways this is good to know for the future so I can start saving for it LOL. ILY xx

    • This is totally our hood haha, we can make special trips in together xx

  • Yes the upkeep can be a little pricey! Especially with everything else, hair, makeup etc! It’s a luxury for sure

  • I was so excited to see this post as I am wanting to try this treatment, I am so wrapped their are bloggers such h as yourself willing to share the experience because it really helps. I will start shopping around and look into things to cement something in! Thanks so much for sharing darling, beautiful as ever!