The new season for me means a change in jewellery. So last week I was so pleased to find that my order from Emma and Roe had arrived.

I have always been a fan of Emma and Roe’s unique designs, ever since they bounced onto the scene some years ago by the iconic Michael Hill. I chose two delicate pieces completely unique to Emma and Roe, each featuring cubic zirconias and sterling silver. I love that both pieces are so beautifully minimal and versatile, perfect for when you are wanting to wear something a little more dainty.

For many different reasons, I have always been a collector of jewellery. Collecting jewellery is like collecting memories. Each piece tells a unique story and can remind you of a particular time in your life, whether that’s a special person, a milestone or an occasion you never want to forget. I think that’s why Emma and Roe has become such a household name. Everyone wants to cherish their memories in their own special way, and the idea of that is so beautiful. You can wear a special reminder on you constantly.




Thank you Emma & Roe for sponsoring this piece and supporting BBG.


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  • Those earrings are so nice! They’re sophisticated but still really cute, great choice!

  • That is such a gorgeous necklace you chose! I think jewellery is so special to have and also to give x

  • Christel Hansen

    I am OBSESSING over that necklace!!! SO GORGEOUS! Love your pics too!! oxoxo

    • I LOVE the necklace! It’s adjustable too so you could even wear it as a choker

      • Christel Hansen

        That’s so cool!! Makes me want it even more hahaha! oxoxo

  • Beautiful! I love that necklace so much

  • You have such a talent for styling accessories & fashion. Such a great balance and I adore the dreamy-light in the photos too 🙂