Coat-layers-review-bonbon-girlsWEEKEND LAYERS.

If you’re anything like me, you love looking good on the weekends- but you probably don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time choosing out your outfits out. Afterall, the weekend is for enjoying- not stressing out about choosing what you’re going to wear that day.

Having a planned out wardrobe with a similar colour scheme throughout saves a bunch of time and means you only have items in your closet that you actually love and would always wear. Choosing a colour scheme for your wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring- you’re naturally drawn to certain colours anyway, so just go with what works.

You can focus on layering the pieces that you already own and play with different textures and fabrics. I tend to have a neutral coloured wardrobe, it helps me stay organised and even helps me look more polished, because I have items that just naturally work really well together.

You will notice that since I had a massive clothing throw out– that my style is much more put together and polished, having that organization in my wardrobe has helped me with my messy mornings of getting ready. I’m naturally a messy person- so having a wardrobe that only has certain colours and pieces I would ACTUALLY wear has literally changed my LIFE!

Now all I have to worry about in the mornings is getting my make up routine down to less than half n hour haha!


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