My First Blog Giveaway

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Mooooooorning, Good afternoon or Good night….wherever you may be reading this from!) I only just found out I have quite a few readers in the United States which is so amazing!…… Well, it’s 10am this Friday and I have only just woke up! Haha I do like a good sleep in… So today I’m doing something a teeny bit different on my blog. As some of you know, I reached 3000 Instagram followers last weekend! That’s super exciting for me! To know that I have that many people backing me on the gram is very cool! So I wanted to say a huge thank you, by hosting a giveaway! By entering you can win one Grounded Coconut- Coffee Scrub, a very cute double pearl ring by ASOS and a Lush bath bomb! That sounds pretty heavenly to me, right?!

If your not on Instagram, I’m going to allow you guys to enter on Facebook too! If your entering on Facebook, all you need to do is share this post onto your Facebook page, make sure you guys have liked my Facebook page too, if you haven’t already 🙂 Also, if you could comment on this post below to let me know you have done this? This is important, otherwise I won’t know who has entered! (also… make sure your Facebook post is to set to public so I can see it!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot- this competition is open worldwide! So get entering!

P.s I haven’t done any fashion posts in FOREVER! I’ll be doing some more soon… I actually really miss doing them. Could you guys also do me a HUGE favour, can you tell me what type of posts you like me doing? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle?? What’s your favourite? I know lots of you loved my Instagram post, so maybe some more similar ones to that? Hmmm…..Please let me know!


Don't worry, this isn't the one I'm giving away!

Don’t worry, this isn’t the one I’m giving away!

The perfect bath time essentials!

The perfect bath time essentials!

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  • Shannon

    Well done! What a fantastic prize – I have entered and eagerly await the announcement 🙂

    • Awesome, I forgot to mention! I’ll be announcing next Friday xx

    • Awesome, I forgot to mention! I’ll be announcing next Friday xx

  • Well done 🙂 i’ve entered!xx

    • Awesome, sorry what was your last time? Just need to make sure if you win, I can get hold of you!

  • Mumof3munchkins

    Beautiful giveaway, I really love the way you have your bath essentials set out, it looks so good he he he x

  • Mary

    I love the sound of the coffee scrub, divine

    • It’s lovely 🙂 your skin feels so good after!

  • I love coffee scrubs! Big fan of using them during the summer.

  • Kaz Chauval

    All done babe x Loving your bath time essentials. Baths are so much fun when you have those exact essentials 🙂 Have a fantastic week hun xo

    • Yay! And thank you, I’ll announce the winner or my facebook and instagram on Friday xx

  • Jay H

    Congrats on the followers! I have entered x

    • Thanks! Winner will be drawn on Friday 🙂

  • Boni

    Congrats! Your blog is lovely. I’ve shared this to facebook 🙂 The bath treasures sound wonderful!

  • Bex T

    Congrats Love on your followers!!!!!!!!!!! and I have followed on IG too!! and entered xxx

  • debbie

    Entered ty 🙂

    • Awesome x

    • You have shed a ray of suinnshe into the forum. Thanks!

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  • Sherri Hughes

    Congrats on the followers milestone! I have entered on Instagram and tagged 3 friends in the competition post, and have shared your post on Facebook as well. Great blog! Fingers crossed! <3

    • Yay! That’s awesome, thanks 🙂 Good luck, I’ll be announcing tonight Eeeep xx