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Hey everyone!

This Hump Day I feel like doing something a little different.

I’ve decided to answer some of your questions! I get a number of questions about hair, blogging, make up and all that jazz and I thought I would take some time out and answer them tonight! Also, If I miss anything or you want to know more just flick me a email at I email back all my emails personally and within 24 hours! So here it goes… 🙂


Can you do some Make up tutorials?

Yes! I am not a make up artist so I am very scared (hence the delay) but yes I will 😀 Please note, my make up tutorials will be good for beginners who aren’t very confident with applying, as my skills are very basic. But if you are wanting a basic idea on how to do eye make up then I can definitely try and help you out.

How is your skin so nice?

It’s actually not! I have very strong selfie game, but actually my skin is one of the things I am still so insecure about. I have had acne problems since I was 13 and to this day I still struggle with breakouts and scarring. I am a little more comfortable with it, but I still don’t really like people seeing me without make up on.

Will you be going back to hairdressing?

At this stage, not in a salon. I have decided this year however to start colouring again. I feel most passionate about colour so if you have any creative ideas, send them my way! I’m thinking maybe some colour tutorials this year?

What do you use make up wise on your eyes?

For Eye shadow I use the Naked 2 Palette everyday! I love the neutral tones and it’s just a great everyday palette. For Mascara, I use this Avon one (I’m not sure what its called, but the packaging is orange) I stole it off my mum and I think it’s the best mascara I have ever used, it makes my lashes so much longer and thicker and I just love it! When I’m wearing false lashes, I will admit I do by budget brands, simply because I was told by a MAC make up artist that the lashes are all the same just make sure you buy a good quality eyelash glue. If I do want nicer lashes for an event I will buy the Ardell lashes, they are made from human hair and they are so much more lightweight. I just buy them from Life Pharmacy.

How has your hair not fallen out with all the colour’s you’ve had?

This is a little white lie. Back in the olden days, sure your hair may have fallen out after one too many bleaches but these days (as long as you see a professional) you can do A LOT to your hair. If you want to go bright red and then bright green a month later however, it will be very dry and damaged and you will get breakage yes, but your whole head of hair is not going to fall out!  Don’t go overboard, do lots of treatments and be realistic about your hair goals. When I was changing my colour every couple of months I only bleached the roots and let the bright colours fade out so the ends weren’t going through multiple bleaches. Even then, my hair was VERY damaged I just knew how to hide it 😉 I remember for months I would backcomb my hair just to hide a very sexy mullet of breakage through my parting and no one had a clue! Haha

Do you think I should chop my hair off? I’m not sure if it will suit me?

Send me a pic! I’m happy to help, otherwise you can read my guide here

Do you have some advice for starting a blog?

I have so much advice! I really think blogging is a great creative outlet, but your heart has to be in the right place! I love this post here all about starting a blog and if it’s something you can really see yourself doing. Creative outlet or if your hoping to monetize I would totally recommend you take some advice from Sarah Titus 🙂


If you have any more questions for me, let me know down below!

Little Crop top is Ezibuy| Skirt and Shoes are by Boohoo

Antoinette x




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  • Jasmine Henry

    These are honest answers and I appreciate that, thanks Bonbon!

  • That skirt is just beautiful – material and color both!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    • Thank you so much lovely! It really is great <3