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On Sunday, I was invited to the preview of John Greens’ latest “book turned movie” Paper Towns. Being a huge TFIOS fan, I accepted straight away! Okay? Okay 😉

So this was the look I decided to go for. Just a really simple mixture of black, nudes and white. Just keeping it super simple and casual, but also really put together.

I think I will still have this leather jacket when I am 60. It is by far my favorite. The leather is just so soft and comfortable and the cut is just amazing. If I could have one jacket for the rest of my life. This is that jacket. It’s probably the only jacket I will ever own by Karl Lagerfeld and every time I wear it, I receive a million compliments over it. A sure classic, that will forever remain in my wardrobe.

My bag is by the wonderful Steve Madden. It’s probably the perfect size. I’ve decided that massive bags just can’t be for me anymore. Not for an everyday basis anyway. If I have an over-sized bag, I always end up overfilling it with things I don’t ever need and then I end up hurting my shoulder from lugging it around all day. This size is perfect. You can only fit in what you actually need. This is going to be a hard lesson to learn… but definitely one that needs to be learnt, by not just myself, but a lot of us woman!

Okay, so lets talk the movie.

Paper Towns, is a cute, preppy movie starring Cara Delevigne. This intrigued me actually, I hadn’t seen her in any other movies so it was interesting to see her go from model to actress. I have to say, I look at her so differently now. In a good way. She can definitely act, and her role in the film was actually quite believable as to what she would be like in reality. I hadn’t read the book beforehand, so I was unsure as to what to expect. Knowing John Greens’ typical style, I was expecting to be a little heart broken at the end. I’m not going to give away anything I promise. You will have to check it out yourself.

If I’m being completely honest, this movie was a slight let down in comparison to The Fault in our Stars, but I’m totally bias. All in all, it was a cute movie with some valuable lessons, like remembering to enjoy what is right in front you. Enjoy the moments you are having now. Stop waiting to be “happy” later on in life.

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