IMG_4785 (2)If you’re anything like me, 90% of the time you would prefer to do your shopping online. Going to the mall has become such a daunting task, so I try to avoid it altogether. It’s way too crowded for my liking and I can never concentrate when their are people EVERYWHERE all trying to find a bargain and unashamedly bumping you out of the way. I just don’t see why would you even bother?

Shopping online can be done from the comfort of your home and is so much easier to separate the good from the bad. Shipping is normally free and the presentation is (more often then not) better on arrival, why wouldn’t you want to buy online?

My favorite places to shop online are mainly the larger chains and department stores. Simply because of the affordable prices, free shipping and on trend styles. I only make the plunge in a big investment if it were a high quality bag, shoes or leather jacket. For everything else, I tend to buy on a budget.


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My Favorites;

SHOWPO I love ShowPo’s cute girly styles, ShowPo is perfect for pretty dresses and flattering styles. The prices are super affordable and you feel a million bucks wearing their styles.

GLASSONS Obviously a kiwi favourite, you will always find something to wear at Glassons. In the last couple of years they have really stepped up their game with styles and materials and have been a favorite of mine for quite a while now.

BOOHOO I like Boohoo because it is super affordable and the shipping is really fast! Boohoo has featured in quite a few of my posts already, they have a really large range and always have a great sale section.

ASOS I have honestly bought so many things on ASOS over the years and I am so in love with this sight. It literally has everything! From high end designer to so cheap you’d think they were lying.

EBAY I don’t buy a lot through Ebay but when I have I have always been so impressed. You would be surprised at the bargains you can find on here. It takes a bit of time but can be totally worth it!

Where are your favorite places to buy online? Link your favorites below!



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