How to Travel More and Spend Less


Traveling is an adventurous experience that no one can take away from you. So how can we get the most out of our travels and spend less while were doing it? Here are some the tips that I have personally tried, tested and loved. These tips help you do more of what you love without completely breaking the bank.

Two locations, one trip.

This is easier in some countries over others obviously. Most people will never go to just one place in Europe, we fit in as much as we can. All the nearby countries are cheap to get too and extremely accessible with various trains, flights and bus routes. This can also be done other countries, taking a road trip to Vegas from LA was a personal favourite of mine. Pack in as much as you can while your there, it makes the adventure that much more exciting.

Use Airbnb.

Airbnb was how I spent most of my European trip. I’ll admit, some places can be a hit and miss but if you do your research, read reviews and the place still looks like the right fit for you- go for it! Airbnb saved me loads of money and allowed me to stay in central locations. It was actually a fun way to do it too because you can live like a local as opposed to staying in a stale hotel room. I have converted so many people onto Airbnb and they have all had great experiences!

Go during the off-season.

Not only is this way more affordable flight and accommodation wise- it’s also so much quieter in the touristy areas. Jump the queue and pay half the price- win win!


Paying for everything well in advance helps. Look for deals online and keep your eyes open for passes and tickets etc. Buying online before you get to your destination can really help cut costs.

So bottom line is, do your research online. Their are so many deals waiting for you and if you land on the right website on the right day- you can grab yourself some great bargains! Now go live your adventure!


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