Weekend Style; Choosing the Classics.

IMG_2846 (2) IMG_2942 (3)Brown pleated midi skirts timeless classic- brown pleated skirtpleated skit black and whiteTimeless Classics.
I go through so many phases with my fashion choices, they’re influenced by so many things. Mainly my mood. If I’m having a “CBF” day then I just want to be comfortable in an oversized shirt and sneakers. Or I will have it in my head that I only ever want to wear monochrome, so for the next couple of weeks that’s exactly how I decide to dress. More recently though, I have been loving the basics. Simple clothing, that when put together becomes a really chic outfit.
What I have learned from changing my style so much is to always have a good selection of basic pieces that can easily be mixed and matched.
A black button up will always come in handy. Something very simple with delicate details that give the piece a edge of difference. I like how this shirt in particular has flared sleeves.
A Pleated Skirt is (in my opinion) a timeless classic. Choose something with a flattering fit that you know will last well as well as choosing a neutral colour so you can pair it with almost everything.
Black heels are an investment and look great with almost everything. Their are so many styles but I would recommend owning a high quality simple black heel that would look just as amazing with a dress as they would with your favourite pair of jeans.
Outfit is by Boohoo

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  • Sarah

    Love this outfit hon, that skirt is <3