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January 2015


Milkshakes and Cashmere

January 29, 2015

Spearmint milkshakes, fedora’s and some pretty snazzy glasses that I picked up for $5 at a junk store is all I needed to complete this look. The day these were taken, was a super chill day just hanging out at the beach, playing on some swings and taking some photo’s for the blog… fun day again thanks babe!

Happy Friday everybody! (can’t believe it’s almost Feb….already!)

Sweater: Johnstons Cashmere


Shorts: Forever New



Ugh, As if!

January 26, 2015

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Today I am posting from my bed- feeling rather ill :( I think I ate something weird yesterday so now I’m definitely paying for it… Luckily I had taken these pics earlier so I have something decent to post!

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love a collared shirt (not to mention a cute preppy look) Clueless was basically my fashion inspiration for a year. So when I found out I would be shooting this amazing leather satchel I was pretty stoked! The colour is soo pretty and even the name of it is super cute, “Sugared Lime” These satchels are handmade in London and are of the most beautiful quality. Highly recommend these!!

, which is located on Queen st in Auckland, sell a huge range of colours and sizes of these amazing leather satchels including 3-4 different types of pink! <3 The shirt and cashmere sweater I’m wearing are also from this amazing little shop. They were both so light and easy to wear. I’m in love with the sweater! So light and I just LOVE the colour.

I actually can’t remember where I picked this skirt up from, but my shoes are from Mi Piaci.

Enjoy! x

My Work

Salt Skin

January 21, 2015

Mid-week Post because I can’t wait until Monday to show you all these pics from a shoot I recently styled for Clara Pafundi. The swimsuits I used are from New Zealand Designer Carena West. The thing that drew me towards Carena was the way she mixes up different textures in her designs. The one-piece featured above has a wet look back which I absolutely love, and her bikini’s are all mis-matched which is really refreshing and super cute.

The robe featured is from Goss Lingerie, which you may have figured out by now, is my favourite lingerie designer in New Zealand. This robe is super light and delicately beautiful. Kay also offers her pieces made to measure by appt at her studio or in store at The Shelter. Such a clever lady!

Model: Tyller from Unique Model Management


Hair and Make-up: 

Designers:  & Goss Lingerie

Assistant: Laura Biven


My 25th Birthday.

January 18, 2015

I celebrated my 25th birthday with my best friends and family at The Golden Dawn on Saturday. Thank you to all that came and made it  a special one. This post is an outfit post, featuring my present from my baby brother which included lots of Lush goodies and my new beautiful Meadowlark necklace from one of my best friend’s Danni.  I’ve also included a few snaps below from the night also.. Well the ones that aren’t too messy that is..!

Once again, thanks Richard for the amazing photos! xx

P.S This also happens to be my 25th Blog post! Woo!

Dress/Shoes: Forever New


Necklace: Meadowlark

Box of Goodies: Lush




And it was called “Yellow”

January 12, 2015

Hey Lovelies!

So today it’s mahhhh burfday! And it has been one very busy weekend! (I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend)… Well today was spent shopping and eating and shopping and eating and taking photo’s and falling over on my ass in the park… yes that happened…so I now have like 5 bruises and a scrape on my shoulder but hey, it’s all good if you can laugh it off right. Well I’m pretty exhausted now so hope you enjoy! As usual Rich has done an amazing job on my photo’s

 Today I am wearing:

Top: Forever 21

Skirt/Bag: Forever New

Shoes: Topshop

Also… Yesterday was spent the day at the beach for a very cool shoot I did with the gorgeous  using some of my favourite pieces from 

Can’t wait for you to see the final photo’s but for now, some sneaky pics I took for you guys :)


Birthday Wishes

January 4, 2015

Well, its not long until my birthday and I will be facing complete “adulthood” I don’t know about you but I think of 25 as the age where you are pretty much considered a grown up by all other people around you, whether their 5 or 90… despite the fact I  still feel like I’m 18, well until I hang out with actual 18 year olds.. Anyway, I know a bunch of my readers are around the same age as me so here is my checklist of things for my “coming of age” birthday, whether your having a party, a small dinner with friends or just want to sit at home eating cake in a pretty dress.

1. A cake by the best caker in Auckland who also happens to be called The Caker…….mmmm I can taste that chocolatey goodness already! I have been eyeing up this talented ladies cakes for a while now, so much so, that I actually tried to order a cake way back in October! I was told to order again closer to the time, and now the countdown is on (I get pretty excited about cake….)

2. A hot dress-

I have been recently obsessing over “For Love and Lemons” and I 100% blame that on I did try to order one (but it wasn’t available in my size!) Oh well off to the shops for me. If anyone can tell me where I can find something similar in Auckland I will love you forever!

3. #GIRLBOSS…Put down your copy of fifty shades ladies. #GIRLBOSS is where it’s at!

I’m sure you have all heard about this book by now, and after I finish reading it, I’m sure I’ll some feedback on it!

Photos cred: That IT Girl

4. Indulgence.

Time to treat oneself! It might be time to finally book in for that massage….. I have been putting it off for over a year now! (who has time for that???) Haha. Well, Rich has booked us a fancy hotel for the night so something I will definitely be making time for and taking full advantage of is the bath, complete with a stash of Lush bath bombs!

5. The main thing I want for my birthday? To be with my amazing friends, my family and Rich. Don’t forget to always make time for your loved ones x

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White Tribal

January 4, 2015

“WHITE TRIBAL” By Antoinette Goodfellow

Quick Collab with James Yang again! My beautiful sister modelled for us, wearing Goss Lingerie.