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January 6, 2016


Homemade Organic Coffee Scrub

My sister gifted me this jar filled with this homemade coffee scrub which she actually made herself. I was so impressed she made the effort and I love the jar as opposed to the standard paper bag. If you haven’t already heard- Coconut and Coffee are extremely beneficial to the skin due to the high amount of antioxidants. People have even claimed that coffee reduces cellulite, I personally have no idea if this is actually true, but what I do know, is that this coffee scrub is extremely effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin.

Because of the vanilla, this coffee scrub smells heavenly and my skin feels so good afterwards. Be sure to try it out before applying self tanner, the coffee will exfoliate your skin more effectively then a normal scrub, so it gives you the perfect base for a gorgeous even looking tan!

How do you like your coffee? 😛

Homemade Coffee Scrub


  • 1 Cup Ground Coffee
  • 1 Cup Sugar or Salt
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 Tablespoon Vanilla (optional)



1. Melt coconut oil and allow it to cool but not solidify.

2. Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container or mason jar.

3. Use 1-2 times a week (or everyday if you like).

4. The coffee and sugar will exfoliate your skin and the coconut oil will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

If you love this scrub as much as I do, make sure you give this post a share so your friends can try it too!

Beauty Shopping

Christmas Gift Ideas for The Ladies (and a GIVEAWAY!)

December 11, 2015


Christmas Gifts!

Hey everybody! As you can tell by the title- this post is covering what to get the ladies this Christmas!  Whether your shopping for your daughter, mum, nana or sister – I’ve got you covered in this post!

There are so many options to choose from and time is running out fast but there are some great last minute options for those of you who may be a little clueless when it comes to Christmas shopping. And two pretty amazing giveaways in there too! I am so excited about this giveaway and to be completely honest with you, I want to pocket them myself! Haha, but because I love you all so much I’ve decided to host this giveaway where two lucky readers will walk away with some pretty sweet gifts!

xmas post

The Tailor Skincare Minis Selection

I really love this little pack (that also comes with a masque and two extra pots) At $29 these are the perfect little gift for any lady in your life and is suitable for any age. I know with being a 25 year old that struggles with problem skin, a good skincare regimen gifted to me is so greatly appreciated. Tailor is a range I have been wanting to trial for a wee while now and I’m really impressed. The packaging is beautiful, the product itself is high quality and they also include little cards in the pack to explain how to use each product.

xmas-pandoraPandora Charms

Ever since I can remember, girls everywhere (particularly teenagers) have always had Pandora Charms high on their Christmas List. So if you happen to be shopping for a teen, I promise you these are always going to be a win. The Disney collection only came out last month, and the charms are just too adorable, featuring Minnie Ears, Love hearts and adorable illustrations. Perfect little treat for your loved ones!



Morgan Taylor Lacquer

Morgan Taylor are a New Zealand Company, and they have recently launched their Neon Range for Summer. These are great stocking fillers and the colours are adorable. The bright pops of colour are sure to stand out. ( A gifting tip is to pop them in a cute jar that is also filled with jelly beans!) This is how I received mine and I thought it was a great idea.

Juliet and Zoe purse- Christmas List

These purses were sent to me all the way from Europe, so if these do tickle your fancy,make sure you order them quick to get them in time (The shipping was very fast so I’m sure you will get them in time) I have already posted about these when I first received them, but if you haven’t already seen that post, then I can tell you right now that this purse is my absolute favourite! I just looove how girly it is,the high quality of the leather and the fact that it has cute little studs and skulls to grunge it up a little.


Jord Wood Watch

I have received a million compliments on this watch so I had to include it in this list! It’s really unique and it really stands out. I also have a discount code for you guys soon! Unfortunately I probably won’t have it before Christmas, but keep your eyes peeled for that post so you can pick one up for yourself!

MOR Christmas gift packsMOR Christmas Packs

And now, the part you’ve all been waiting on! The Giveaway Packs! I have two gorgeous packs up for grabs and will be drawing the prizes at random on Wednesday to ensure they will be with you on time for Christmas! I AM SOOO EXCITED 😀

Pack One;

MOR Christmas Pack

MOR It’s The Most Wonderful Marshmallow Trio

This stunning pack by MOR includes the Marshmallow Hand cream (My fave!) The Soapette and the Body Butter. The Marshmallow scent is my absolute favourite so I’m so pleased to be able to bring you this giveaway! Encased in the most gorgeous tin, any lady would be thrilled with this pack!

She believed she could“She Believed She Could So She Did”

This print is so sought after and is the perfect quote for your wall. Maiko’s designs are all equally gorgeous so definitely take some out to check her beautiful work!

Pack One is a mixture of the MOR Marshmallow Trio  pack paired with the one of the prettiest prints you will lay your hands on, get it while it’s hot!


Pack Two;

I am dying with love over this set! It’s beyond gorgeous and it took great strength to include it in this giveaway. This set contains the Luxury Marshmallow Bath Robe and mesmerising Marshmallow Eau De Parfum. Just soo dreamy….!

Each pack is valued at NZD$100 and will be drawn at random on the 16th of December! Competition is open to New Zealand residents only!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone who enters!

The winner’s will be announced on my Instagram and Facebook on Wednedsay the 16th to announce that they have won the giveaway! No other method will be used to announce the winner’s. I will then need to email the winner’s to ask for their home address so that I can post the giveaway.

Thank you so much to Propel Brands and Maiko for sponsoring this giveaway!


Beauty LIFE

What’s in my Beach Bag??

November 13, 2015

My summer essentials

Hey everyone! Hope your week has treated you well :)

On Sunday, I’ll be jetting off for a week! Finally making my return to Rarotonga, the perfect kick start back into Summer! So I thought I would create a quick post showing you all what I’ll be taking in my beach bag!

P.s, What do you guys think of my “100% Boy’s Tears” phone case? I love it! It’s so cuuute!

waterproof phone case

A waterproof Phone Case

The first thing I’m packing is this waterproof phone case. This one was sent to me from  the other day, and I’m pretty stoked. It’s going to be super useful at the beach, I obviously wouldn’t go jumping in the water with it but I am going to use it as a precaution at the beach and pools :)

Girl boss, sophia amorouso

A good read is essential when your going on a relaxing holiday. I think I’m going to go ahead and read Girlboss again. I read it a year ago and was so inspired by her so it might be time for a refresher.. Any other good reads you guys can recommend? I have heard some mixed reviews about Lena Dunham’s book, Not that kind of Girl. Has anyone read it? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Summer essential, whats in my beach bag

My bikini is by Victoria’s Secret. I actually picked it up in Hawaii last year so it’s an older style but I love it!

The Products! 

I am taking the Day and Night Lip Care products from Chapstick. I love these! I picked them up at the supermarket for like $7. They are soo gooey and rich and keep my lips really hydrated. The only thing I don’t like is they only last an hour or two, but I guess that’s pretty normal with lip balms, at least there easy enough to carry around for a top up.

Moroccan Tan Glow, which is a gradual tanner/tan extender. I really like gradual tanners, a lot more than a self tanner anyway. I just think their a little more natural looking and you can control the depth a little more than a full on Fake tan. I have been using this already the past two weeks and it still looks really natural. No Dorito coloured skin here!

The Aqua Boost Leave in Conditioner, so my hair doesn’t completely dry out. Most bottle blondes will know, bleached hair is already dry enough without the help of sun damage. In summer, it quickly starts looking brittle and yellow. Using a leave in conditioner or any product rich in moisture is essential in Summer! (Not just for blondes!)

Rosehip Oil to leave on my skin overnight. Rosehip oil is extremely repairing and can fight the damage done throughout the day. Always, always keep your skin hydrated. Even if your skin is naturally oily, it’s important to look after it. I remember I never used to moisturise my face because I thought the natural oils were doing it already but I didn’t realise that the cleansers I was using, were actually stripping my natural oils and causing more damage.

The only thing I  think I am missing is some waterproof speakers for my phone! Some music at the beach would be great- but I broke my last set and I don’t want to fork out for new ones just yet..

Is there anything you would add to my list?


3 Make up finds for less than $20!

November 9, 2015

Budget Makeup Finds I just had to try!

You just never know what your going to find at K-Mart. Call me strange but their is something about those big budget stores that I just love. On Saturday, I found myself their looking for a few bits and pieces and ended up in the make up aisle. I noticed that K Mart seemed to have their own beaut line, which looked very basic but not all bad either. On top of that, the prices were insane. These beauty products were too cheap not to try. Make up can get a little expensive so I thought, why not trial a few budget products out..

Cheap make up products

First up, is not from the K Mart range but the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, I picked this up for $17 (I think it was actually on sale)

I chose 235 Pure Beige Matte and Poreless. Unfortunately, you can’t colour match at K-Mart and it is a little too dark for me.. Apart from that, I like the coverage it gives and the texture of the foundation too. I just found it hard to blend because of my poor colour choice. I think if I was a little darker in skin tone, the foundation would be great.. Unfortunately, I am very pale and this is way too orange for my liking.

Would I buy again? If they make a lighter colour! I couldn’t see one available….

Antoinette Bonbon. Silly Selfies, cheap make up

Secondly, The Pressed Powder (I think the brand is just K-Mart??) Anyway it was $9!

So, naturally I had to try it. I have naturally quite oily skin and it can be hard to keep it nice and matted all day but I am super impressed with this powder, it seemed to last all day, kept my skin matte and it was quite light too. This powder is a total steal.

Would I buy again? Yes!!

applying winged eye liner

Then I decided to try out the Liquid Eyeliner from the same brand, (K-Mart??) it was $7.

So I was convinced it was worth trying. When I initially opened the packet, I have to admit I was mortified that it looked similar to a magic marker! I thought that applying was going to be a total disaster too, as I am used to using liquid eyeliners with a applicator and pot. Surprisingly, I found applying the eyeliner a dream (actually I prefer this, turns out it’s easier to balance!) If you struggle applying eyeliner I would actually suggest using one similar to this. I was quite happy with the result, when I finished my makeup. However I noticed it didn’t last extremely well, it seemed to run a little into my inner corner, not a whole lot but enough to annoy me. The wing however, stayed perfectly in tact.

Embarrassingly, around midday I had a little coughing fit. It was so bad my eyes started watering, ALOT. (Awkward!!!) So, I unfortunately found out that this eye liner is most definitely NOT waterproof, I had big black marks all down my face and it was not pretty! I would not recommend wearing this to funerals or sad movies, unless of course your planning on scaring everyone with your appearance.

Would I buy again? No, but I’ll probably wear it again.


So those are my 3 budget buys from the weekend, have you got any good budget make up finds you love? Share them with me below!




Moroccan Tan First Impression/Review

November 2, 2015

frst impression

Feeling a little pasty and with summer coming up fast I decided to do what most pale girls do, and apply a fake tan.

Not normally one for fake tanning, but I had a bottle sitting on my desk so I thought- why not use it? I’m still undecided if Moroccan Tan is a good fit for me. I was mortified when I first squeezed the tube and this dark thick cream came pouring out into my hand… which by the way- dries EXTREMELY fast. I know this technically is a good thing- but I had been left with some really tacky brown streaks over my legs, because I hadn’t worked it in quickly enough. Once it hit’s the skin- the stain starts to set in so you really need to work it in as quickly as possible! I decide to let it process on my skin anyway because I am hopeful that it will look better when the actual solution is washed off….

I leave it on for a good 24 hours because I totally misread the instructions. Turns out you only need it on for 2-4 hours…! In the morning, Richard is so grossed out by the smell, I can’t smell it so I don’t care too much (haha) When I hop out of bed, I’m a little disappointed. Where is my tan? Thank goodness those gorgeous streaks are still visible…. Oh goodie….

I hop into the shower and wash the solution off. Luckily, the streaks are a breeze to wash off, but I’m still a little disappointed by the results so I decide to re-apply.

This time I only leave the tan on for roughly 3 hours. I want to wash it off before Richard gets home and is disgusted by the smell again. It doesn’t work… He can still smell it haha. At least the results are much better. Still could be darker, but I prefer it looking more natural as opposed to being orange anyway.

First impression;

Packaging; Nice simple packaging. A white tube with black and gold writing. Being mainly white, I was worried it was going to look horrible after the first application, but the tube doesn’t seem to be stained at all.

Smell/Texture; Smell is quite biscuity, not a massive fan but it does seem to calm down after a day or two. Texture was a little hard to work in, took quite a while to work it in without any marks.

Results; After my second application, I’m pretty happy. As I said it could be darker, but at least it looks like a natural tan.






My Vegan Bath Bomb Review from Bossy!

October 28, 2015



You may have figured by now, that vegan and cruelty free products are my jam. Even though I’m not vegan myself, I love that brands are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being cruelty free.

So when these two vegan bath bombs turned up on my desk, I’m a little embarrassed to say that I may have squealed a little… Who can blame me though- it was a complete surprise and I just adore the packaging and effort made on Bossy’s part so I knew that I had to review them for you guys.

Raspberry Bath Bomb $8.95

The first is the Raspberry Shortcake Bath Bomb, this was the one I tried out first mainly because I was drawn to the colour. The smell was so yummy, and I kind of wanted to eat it…. The colours of the bath bomb were so bright and vibrant and I loved that the yellow dissolved last, so it almost looks like their was a yellow flower in the centre.

My skin felt really soft after my bath and I didn’t feel slimy, like some other bath bombs can.

Pineapple Blush Bath Bomb $8.95

The pineapple Blush Bath Bomb, I can’t explain the smell apart from saying Yum!! This bath bomb smells like Pina colada. Again, the colours were insanely vibrant. Bright oranges, yellows and pinks, the perfect introduction into summer!

I feel like I need to tell all my friends about Bossy, because I honestly feel like I have stumbled onto New Zealand’s best kept secret. If you love vegan products or New Zealand made products, check them out  so you can see what I mean!


12166529_10154073423329239_208867881_n (2)

Beauty LIFE

6 Beauty Hacks to wake up feeling better tomorrow

October 19, 2015


We all have heard the term “beauty sleep” but how often do you actually wake up feeling beautiful?

The life of the modern girl is a tough one and we barely have time for one-hour beauty treatments, so why not use your 8 hour sleep to your benefit? These simple beauty hacks can all be done the before bed and work while you sleep… How perfect is that!?

Sleep on Silk

Something I learnt from my life as a hairstylist is silk is much easier on your hair. It helps avoid tangles and breakage, and because the material glides easily it’s also much softer on your skin. A silk or satin pillowcase could be your ticket to good hair days and keeping wrinkles at bay. Make sure you’re also changing your pillowcase at least once a week to prevent oil build up on your pillowcase  (which leads to acne)

Look after your skin

Your skin is an amazing organ which works overtime while your sleeping. Cells rebuild and repair at all stages of sleep, so having a good skincare regime is extremely important. Make sure you give your skin a thorough cleanse at night followed by a exfoliation once or twice a week. Using a heavy night cream is great to let your skin absorb overnight and keep your skin hydrated.

Banish Eye Bags

There are multiple ways to tackle eye bags. My favourite is green tea. Start from the inside and then work your way out. Green tea is full of antioxidants and is also really hydrating (aside from lack of sleep, this is one of the main causes) So make yourself a cup before bed every night, trial for a week to see if you can see the difference. If your looking for results instantly, get yourself the under eye melt from Bossy. You can read my review here

Lengthen your lashes  and brows (the natural way)

Apply castor oil to a clean mascara wand and apply to your lashes and brows before you sleep! You can use this technique as long you like- not only does it help to promote growth but it also conditions. Remember to wash it off in the morning or your make up won’t last throughout the day.

Use Coconut oil as a overnight hair treatment

Yes- this is yet another coconut oil tip- but it’s a goodie I promise! Before you go to sleep, apply lashings of coconut oil to dry hair, you can then wrap it up into a cap to avoid getting it all over your pillowcase. Leave the treatment in overnight. The next morning, wash your hair as normal, your hair will feel nourished and healthy!

Don’t forget about that pout!

Use your favourite lip scrub in the evening and apply lashings of lip balm. You’ll wake up with softer nourished lips that don’t chap in the morning.

Enjoy your beauty sleep lovelies! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share! Your friends may like it too xx



7 of my favourite nail colours for Summer

October 16, 2015


Don’t you just love summer?

Yesterday, I asked my friend Amy to help shoot this mini video. Since summer is coming, I thought what better way to celebrate then dedicate a little video for some of my favourite nail polishes for summer! Also, I wanted to try something a little different to my normal product post. So, 129 images later and hours of trying to edit, this is the final result! A little rusty I know- but not too bad for my first attempt….?

Hope you enjoy!


The featured colours are;

Morgan and Taylor- All White Now

Morgan and Taylor- Don’t worry be Brilliant

OPI- Glitzerland

OPI-Dutch ‘ya just love OPI? (This is no longer available, but I love it!)

OPI- Bright Lights- Big Colour

Essie- Pink about it

Nicole by OPI- Playin Hooky


What are some of your favourite colours for summer? Let me know below x


Advice: How do you know if your ready to make the chop?

September 24, 2015

mirrormirror (1 of 1)Have you always been curious about what it would be like to give your hair the chop? Maybe your not sure if your quite ready to take the plunge? Today, were going to go over some tips and advice, all about what you should know before taking the plunge.

As you may or may not know, I have been rocking short hair for about two years now. After always having long hair, chopping it off was extremely exhilarating.  Despite recently deciding to grow it into a bob, I still love the shorter lengths and probably wouldn’t go back into a longer style.

In saying that, shorter hair is not for everyone, there are so many things to consider, face shapes, hair texture…. how willing are you to styling it everyday? These are what we will covering below. So if you are curious as to what it would be like to make the chop, keep on reading…

Things to consider….

  • Face Shapes

Despite what you hear, most face shapes can actually get away with a short style, yes even if your face is round or really narrow and long. Their are so many different variations to try so don’t limit yourself too much. You can have short hair with a long side fringe to conceal a longer forehead, or if you have a square face shape, a Lob with layers around your face works really well to soften your jawline.

  • Hair Texture

Hair texture and density is one of the key factors to choosing the right style. Thicker textures can look a little bulky when cut short. To maintain it, all you need to do is make sure that your hair receives a really good thin out, keep it quite layered so you have more texture and less bulk. It’s not too hard to maintain, you just need to do this when you go in for your regular trim. Finer hair tends to look great shorter because it thickens up the ends. You no longer have the breakage that comes with long hair. When deciding if your hair texture and density will work well with a shorter style, make sure you see a professional to help you out.

  • Take it slow

If you can, I would definitely recommend going shorter in a few different haircuts. I went from Long to a Lob to a Bob and then eventually into a pixie. This allowed me to play with textures and get used to the feeling of playing with shorter locks. This also made me slightly addicted to chopping my hair. The new styles were so fun to play with and exciting new styles gave me a little confidence boost every chop.

  • Styling. Be prepared. Short hair does not mean Low maintenance.

There’s this massive misconception that short hair is low maintenance. This is unfortunately not the case. Short styles require styling everyday. It’s not like long hair, where you can just simply tie it up into a top knot or a pony. Short hair is stronger, and the length no longer weighs it down. So be prepared to style your hair almost daily!

  • Have an open mind

Create a Pinterest board where you have at least 5 different styles that you are open too. Take them into your stylist and work out together which one will work best for you. Don’t get too connected to one particular style because it may not suit your face shape or your hair texture might not be right for that particular look. Have an open mind.

  • Choose your hairdresser wisely.

You have no idea how many hairdressers there are that have absolutely no idea what their doing.. It’s really important you do your homework and find a stylist you trust. Not only will your stylist be able to pick the best look for you, they will set you up with a good home care regimen and teach you how to style your hair at home. If your in the Auckland area I have listed my recommendations for you below.

I hope these tips have helped you to make your decision! If you have any other questions for me, please let me know below! As good as it is to take risks, you need to be confident in your choice!



Michaela: Blaze

Price Scale: $89-$105

Location: New Market.

Michaela is a short hair super star. She also creates the most beautiful pastel tones if that’s your thing. This gorgeous lady is behind the pastel pink tones of Ruby Frost.

Marama: Marilyns

Audrey: Marilyns

Location: Remuera.

Price Scale: $110

Marama cut my hair a few months ago, she turned my over grown mullet (growing out problems) into a cute little bob. She creates beautiful soft cuts and is a total perfectionist.

Audrey cut my hair for most of the time that I was working at Marilyn’s (about 5 years) So together we have done a range of different fun styles. Audrey always adds something unique to a haircut and always keeps it interesting.

So are you ready?




5 Make up Hacks for Lazy Girls

September 11, 2015

Okay girls you know the drill, wake up at 6 am, eat breakfast (if were lucky) Throw on some make up and then theirs the effort of deciding what to wear…. Every morning starts to feel like a massive chore, we have so many steps just to look “decent” for the day. Some days I think being a man would be easier, just get up and go! Literally. Then I remember that being a girl is actually pretty bad ass and I forget I ever thought that…. I mean we get boobs and make up so we win. Being a 20 something year old girl who has worn make up for over half my life has taught me some pretty sweet hacks to make those dreaded mornings a little easier. So today I share my hacks with you, my fellow lazy girls who just want a simpler morning.


When your foundation is too dark

Pale girls have a rough time finding a good foundation that doesn’t cost the earth. I recently decided to try out Maybelline Better Skin foundation in Ivory…. Only to find that this color is no way near what I would call Ivory, it makes my skin quite orange. Aside from this, I really like the foundation, it lasts all day and it actually does make the appearance of my skin a lot of more even in tone. I’m quite impressed…. Except of course for the color. So I tried mixing in my day time moisturizer and the color is perfect! The coverage is a little lighter but that’s fine with me, I usually add concealer over top anyway. So girls, if you have a color that’s too dark, don’t waste the bottle, just mix in your moisturizer!


When you fall in love with a mascara, but your bank balance is always getting in the way.

In my recent post about eyelashes I briefly talked about this. Mascara is pretty much all the same stuff, weather it’s Lancome or Maybelline. So if you do happen to buy a really expensive mascara and fall in love with it- Keep the brush and re use it for your cheaper mascaras. The wand is what makes all the difference!


When you run out of your favorite nude lipstick

I really like this little hack I found on the good ol’ internet! It’s so perfect if you have run out of your fave nude lippy or even if you want to play around with different shades (it’s so hard to find a good nude lipstick) All you need is Lip balm, bronzer, blush and a liquid concealer. Just apply your lip balm as usual, then line your lips with the bronzer using a lip brush, dab some blush in the center to add some color and if you want the color to stand out a little more just add a tiny bit of concealer over top (again, just dab on lightly with your fingers) Topping up is a little hard, I usually just carry my lip balm and if I can be bothered I’ll carry my blush with me too.

IMG_8240 (2)

White Eyeliner for tired eyes

This is my favorite product right now! White eyeliner is BOSS. Hide your tired eyes with a white eyeliner to really open up your eyes and make your eyes really pop. It really works wonders.



Fuller Lips for a killer pout

Plumping lip scrubs are best to prep and plump your lips with, but if you want them to look even fuller, use a light pencil (another place where your white eyeliner comes in handy) in the center of lips before blending out and applying gloss over top. This gives the illusion that the center is much fuller than it actually is. Now, move over Kylie Jenner!