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February 2015


White on White

February 25, 2015

Hello everyone and happy Humpday! 😀

Well, first of all, I’m quite excited….     This weekend, I have The Hairdressing Industry finals. Which is a big hairdressing competition held in Auckland….I don’t know if you remember my shoot  that I created with an amazing team last year. Well that made it into the top 5, and this weekend I will find out if we placed. I have to say, the competition is extremely stiff, but I’m really proud of our work! I’m sure I will post some pics on here or my Facebook.

Well, moving on to today’s look, what do you guys think? White ripped jeans and my “Boss” Tee gave me some unintentional Miley vibes, but I was totally feeling it haha. Both are from a new online boutique I’m really loving called, Wilde Hearts. Even the name is cute!

We shot these at the local dairy, which was quite funny. I live in the country so all the farmers/tradies that were driving past were just staring at us really strangely! I don’t think their would be many other fashion bloggers on this side of town…

Well I’m pretty happy with how the pics turned out anyway, I hope you like them too!




How the F#*k do I wear Culottes?

February 22, 2015

Hello and welcome to a NEW segment I am adding to the blog!

How the F#*k do I wear that?

I was inspired to add this segment because I often have woman coming up to me, saying that they love how I dress or how I have put my outfit together, but that they wouldn’t know how to style a certain item of clothing themselves. As woman, we are often buying things that we love in store, only to get home to realise that we have no idea what we were thinking! I am hoping that this segment will help woman to feel more confident in what they are wearing, to put outfits together with ease and to make smarter decisions whilst shopping. I am going to focus on a new item every month, so please do tell me if there are any items you would like me to focus on, I would love to know! I will also try and add in different body shapes.

For the very first one I am going to keep it pretty simple. Because with my own wardrobe, I never try to complicate things. Simple works best for me. If you do find fashion challenging, or you find it difficult to master it’s usually because your complicating it. And you don’t need too, fashion is meant to be fun 😀 So lets get this started…

How the F#*k do I wear culottes?

OK so when I first saw that culottes were heading back in stores I was definitely unsure…. I mean, weren’t you? They completely remind me of my awkward tweens when I was forced to wear them at school with my boy haircut and no make-up. But, alas things have changed (especially the no make-up part).. and I’m really digging them, I saw a gorgeous pair in Forever New and have been a fan ever since.

 If you have been eyeing these up yourself and you do decide to go out and buy a pair, you’ll want to make sure you buy a nice fit. Otherwise, it can be a bit of a disaster! Culottes can be super flattering and really dressy when done well, so getting the right fit is important. Below, I have some examples of different ways to wear them, with some different body shapes too.

DO: Match with something fitted on top. Flattering tops/blazers will create a nice shape and balance out the bottom.

DO: Embrace your curves. How good does Tanesha from Girls with Curves look in these pale blue culottes?

DO: Colour block. It gives such a statement look and keeps the look fresh and clean.

DO: Shop smarter. When I said buy a nice fit, I don’t mean expensive. These are the EDT by Glassons range and are absolutely gorgeous. Image: Street Smith

DO: Let them be the statement piece. Don’t complicate your outfit! Image: Londoner in Sydney

Do: For a more casual look, those pointy loafers look AMAZING with culottes. In fact those pointy loafers look amazing with almost anything….. but they look REALLY good with these culottes.

So what do you think? Would you wear them?

A x


Dress ups with Natalie and Pia

February 15, 2015

Hey bbs! Hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day! I basically use this day as a great excuse to eat chocolate in bed, wear lots of pink stuff and watch re-runs of The O.C (but hey, that’s pretty much a normal day for me!)

As you can see, I’ve been busy playing dress up’s with Pia Boutique and Natalie Chan.

Eeeep what fun they are. I had so much fun on this shoot, sipping on some purple coke, playing with wigs and munching on peanut m&m’s in between outfits. With the Gorgeous  shooting me and  who made my face up all pretty, together we created these shots, and I’m sooo excited to be posting them 😀

What do you guys think?


Natalie Chan:

Yellow “Milan” dress

White Bow “La Fayette Creme”

Pia Boutique

Green Skirt

Pink Lace Top

Oranges Frill Dress

Purple Set

Leather Satchel


10 things every Auckland Girl want’s for St. Valentine

February 9, 2015

St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to treat that special someone in your life! Unfortunately as most of us know, men don’t always find getting the perfect gift an easy task. I decided to do some homework and put together a list for all of you last minute guys and gals out there wanting some quick and easy inspiration!  I made sure everything on the list was not only items I would love to receive myself, but also really affordable. Everything on the list is under $200 and is easily located right in Auckland 😀

If you are stuck for ideas I hope this helps!

1. Limited Edition Bralette from Goss Lingerie comes with a free G-string and is available online and at The Shelter in Ponsonby. It’s just one of the prettiest bralette’s I have ever seen!

2. Tosca and Salome have this gorgeous “For Love and Lemons” set on sale now, at 30% off. A total steal. Shop here

3. Anything… just anything from Jaime les Macarons

4. These winged Heart Earrings by Nick Von K originally caught my eye in the Remix Magazine, when super babe Paris Hilton made cover (is she coming back…?) Also every order from Nick Von K between now and Valentine’s Day receives two free truffles by Philippe’s Chocolate!  Shop Here.

5. Hardcase Clutch by Collette

6. Rose Quartz Goldfill Bracelet by Cathy Pope. This would be my personal favourite from Cathy Pope’s bracelet range, but the entire range is absolutely gorgeous and so reasonably priced too! Take a look yourself here

7. The I Heart Barbie PJ set, by Peter Alexander check it out here

8. The Kiss Lip Scrub by Lush, you probably all get that I’m a massive Lush fan by now, and doesn’t this lip scrub look divine?! Shop here!

9.  I love these amazing little prints from Maiko Nagao, I first discovered her on Instagram and I have been fangirling ever since. Check out the full range here so you can see why for yourself!

10. Cute Pineapple printed Bikini from Roxy that caught my eye. How good are Pineapple print’s right now?

So there we have it, my top ten picks for Valentine’s Day. So what do you guys think, did I do well?



Ohhhhh Sunday

February 8, 2015

Everyone love’s a good Sunday!

Rather than a outfit post this Monday I thought I would share some cheesy photo’s from my Sunday 😀 I decided to become all domesticated and make these freckin’ amazing Banana crumble muffin’s, the crumbly stuff on top separates these from the rest! (Let me know if you want the recipe) Also, some pictures from my favourite part’s of my parents house and the amazing view! If you are wondering why I’m wearing a jumper in the middle of Summer, it really wasn’t that warm yesterday!

I’m thinking about adding a new segment on the blog… Whether that’s a do’s/don’ts section or a monthly favourites/wish list I’m not sure… What do you guy’s think? Any suggestions?  xx


50 Shades

February 6, 2015

Today New Zealand took the day off for Waitangi Day. Richard and I decided to do some exploring around Auckland, we basically spent the day eating and found some pretty cool spots to shoot. I really like the structure and texture in these shots, and it’s hard to believe this little spot was found in a inner city car park.

This leather jacket is something I’m wearing almost daily, theirs nothing quite like a well fitted jacket. It completely polishes off a look. I found these little shoes in a thrift shop and I’m quite pleased with my find. Nothing beats a well made shoe, except for a cheap well made shoe.


Jacket: Karl Lagerfeld


Shoes: Michael Kors

Style blogger, monochrome


A new scrub in Town..

February 2, 2015

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe it’s February already! It’s already going soo fast! Soo today’s post is actually about a new Coffee Scrub made right here, in little ol’ NZ! So if you have been following my blog since day one, you will already know about my love for a good scrub. When I found out about Coffee and Scrub I was really keen to trial it. I checked out their website and saw that it was a completely natural scrub which contained lots of good natural oils (tick!)

A few day’s later, a square brown package came for me, I LOVE how fast it arrived!

Opening the brown box, to find a fresh packet of Orange and Jojoba scrub, ahhhh bliss :) It also came with the cutest wooden scoop which admittedly, I haven’t used but I thought it added a really nice touch. When I opened the scrub for the first time I was really impressed…. This scrub smells SO GOOD! Really citrusy, sweet and yummy.  Naturally I had to compare it to the Frank sitting in my bathroom right? Coffee and Scrub’s Orange and Jojoba definitely smells a lot stronger of those beautiful orangey notes and the texture is a lot finer too. I don’t know that I have a favourite because apart from those small details they were quite similar. Once a week I like to make sure my face gets a scrub, I really like the texture of Coffee and scrub for this because it’s not too harsh on the more delicate areas, as long as you apply it with more care. After a couple of weeks of using Coffee and Scrub religiously my skin is soft and feeling really fresh.

Being so impressed with the scrub, I decided to give half to my sister to trial also, because we have completely different skin types (I have oily acne-prone skin and Samara’s skin is sensitive and prone to dermatitis) I thought it would be good for us both to trial it. Here’s what she had to say:

“I’ve been using Coffee and Scrub for about a month now and the results are amazing, my body has never been so soft and smooth. I generally use it about five times a week leaving it to dry for about 5-10 minutes to let the oils really seep into my skin. I’ve been using it all over my body including my face and I’ve noticed a massive reduction in scars and stretch marks. It’s such a natural product and super easy to use. I normally hop into the shower and wet down my whole body, then I’ll turn the shower off and scoop out a handful and start rubbing it into my skin, really focussing on my heels, knees, elbows and shoulders. I’m a lot more gentle when it comes to applying to my face. When it comes to the rinse off, it’s really easy and as it glides off you can already feel the difference, even after the very first time using it!”

Coffee and Scrub have two other delicious flavours that I need to try, Irish Coffee and Ylang Ylang & Coconut

Check them out !

Have you tried a coffee scrub yet and are you loving them as much as we are??