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June 2015

My Work

Bonbon Girls; Cal and Ronnie

June 30, 2015


Our shoot and video for Bonbon Girls;


Video: James Yang



Models: Calissa, Ronnie

Hot Chocolate/ Pizza Boys 😉 : Richard and Caleb (definitely the most important role!






The LRD: Little Red Dress

June 28, 2015

antoinette-bonbon-girls-fashion-blogger thigh-tattoo-red-mini bonbon-girls-red-dress-boats red-dress-boats-sail-fashion-blogger bonbon-girls-red-dress-coat antoinette-bonbon-summer-palm-treesred-dress-forever-new-coat-bonbonbonbon-girls-boat-nz-red-dress

This sweet little red dress and the return of my favourite Forever New coat.

I’m finally posting about this gorgeous dress that was sent to me by the lovely Danielle from Devel Branded! This dress is again, apart of her sprinkles and cream range. Her cute little summer range with the most adorable lining! (I tried to get a pic….but failed)

One of my favourite features from this dress are the pockets! I do love a dress with pockets!! Got to look chic with convenience, right? This dress is also very versatile, after these photo’s were taken, I went out for my brothers leaving dinner. I quickly went home to change, and paired the dress with stockings and boots. It worked so well as a casual evening dress too. Yay for dresses with versatility! Especially if your on a budget and don’t want to fork out a few hundred dollars on dresses!

You can check out the rest of the Sprinkles and cream range here!

On another matter entirely, this weekend on a whole, has actually been a little bit disastrous! My laptop screen broke, basically the worst thing that could happen to a blogger! I am now plugged in to my TV, typing on my laptop but having to look at my massive TV screen to actually see what I’m doing. Note to self. Do not leave laptops on the floor, where they could be stood on :( I’m also writing from bed today. Not cool, came down with something last night, so I guess I’m just going to have to load myself with loads of herbal tea and some Vit C.

Any remedies would be appreciated too!

Kisses xxx

Beauty LIFE

Products I’m loving this month.

June 24, 2015



It has been a long time since I have done a product review post, or just talked about product’s that I think are really beneficial in general. I thought I would take some time out to talk about the products I have been absolutely loving this month! Looking after our skin and hair is so important and it’s actually really fun too when you find products that work really well. Plus, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and I love giving any product that catches my eye more attention then necessary! (I’m sure most girl’s are in the same boat, right?)

I also have a bit of a novel below on caring for your hair, so if your interested in learning a little more about looking after your hair, or if you are struggling with breakage etc, give it a read over and please feel free to ask me any questions too!


Yummy! Lush goodness <3

I thought I would try out the Space Girl Bath Bomb this month. why? Well, look at it! It’s freakin’ gorgeous and it smell’s divine. I was instantly drawn to the pretty colour and glitter so I just had to pick one up. I don’t actually have a bath which is a bit sad, but luckily I got to use this up at my mum’s place! A bath is such a rare occurrence for me, so it’s such a treat and must be done right when it does happen.

I’m also a huge fan of the Ultrabland cleanser, but I have heard such good things about Angels on Bare Skin and I really wanted to try it out. It’s not their best seller for nothing right? In the store, I wasn’t too convinced by the smell or texture of the product. It’s not horrible, it’s just not what I thought it would be. Fortunately, this cleanser works wonders and it’s super cleansing without being too drying. I have super oily skin and I found this works really well for me. I actually grew to really like the texture of it too, the graininess gives you a really nice “cleansed” feel.


MOR Marshmallow Body Wash and Body Milk.  There are some products that are just done SO RIGHT and this range is totally in that category. Everything from the gorgeous packaging, the smell, the texture… just yummy yummy yummy! I have loved the Marshmallow hand cream for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise that the Body wash and Milk are just as stunning. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell like a marshmallow! I am sure this stuff will be a long term addiction! You can pick it up at . Seriously, go get it. Like now! I promise you will fall in love, and then we can talk about how amazing it is 😛


I think this is possibly the best smell EVER. It’s the Vanilla Caramel candle from Glasshouse. (You know the candle that’s burning at like, every Peter Alexander?) It’s quite strong so it’s not to everyone’s taste, but I’m 100% into this candle. It’s literally burning right now. I’m blissfully taking in deep whiffs of it every 5 minutes, and getting a little bit of joy each time. I had to take a photo of it’s pretty unused state, the day of purchase because I had to use it, like asap. The candle itself is quite massive, so although they are a little pricey they last a really long time, unless your constantly burning it like I tend to do…. (If your not sure if you like the smell and just want to try it out they also sell little mini ones) I picked this one up at  , but Peter Alexander obviously stocks them as well.


I have so many Organic Colour Systems products from my win back in March! I’m still working my way through them all, but enjoying every minute of it of course. I chose to feature these three because they are good basics to work with. The Aqua Boost Leave-In Conditioner is amazing for detangling, not that I have an issue with that (short hair bonus) but it definitely gives a nice softness to the hair without feeling weighed down. Also, if your hair is quite fine this is a lot lighter then using a normal conditioner, so you could just skip that step altogether when using this.

I also have the Thermal2Twenty, which is a thermal protector (so important!!) Never use any heat on your hair without a thermal protector guys. Straighteners and hairdryers can kill your hair, they cause serious damage and breakage to your hair if your not looking after it properly (trust me! I probably still have pictures somewhere of all my breakage…) So I now know a thing or two about really caring for your hair and making sure it’s in it’s best state. Anyway, this is a awesome thermal protector, it protects your hair, the smell is really minimal so it won’t overpower any perfume etc you may be wearing and super easy to apply. Just spray and comb through evenly before drying and straightening :)

Lastly, I have the Finale which is a firm hold hairspray, its smells so lovely! Like bubblegum, or candy or something yummy like that. It’s super nourishing, it contains natural proteins and conditioners, to keep nurturing your hair throughout the day. Even though it says it’s a firm hold hairspray, it’s definitely not like concrete. It’s really flexible so hair looks naturally beautiful and keeps the shape throughout the day!

I guess one of my biggest recommendations when it comes to hair is DON’T use supermarket shampoo’s or conditioners! They strip your hair’s natural oils and are filled with fake silicones to make you feel like your looking after your hair. Sorry, I don’t want to offend anyone, just hopefully educate anyone that may want it (I didn’t study hair for five years to keep all the information to myself right!?) That “silky” feeling that your Pantene conditioner gives you, is actually just the fake silicones, they disguise how terrible your hair actually feels after using their shampoo. You’re only creating more damage in the long run, so it’s really important to use good quality hair care if you want to maintain healthy locks.

Again, any questions, just let me know in the comments below, I will be more than happy to help out!  Or if you have any products you would like me to review, or you just want to talk about them, I would love to know! I’m always up for trying out new products and giving you guys my honest thoughts on them.



Tickled Pink Trench and Metallic Love.

June 21, 2015







Just because it’s winter in NZ definitely doesn’t mean we have to keep away from colour. In fact I think the opposite, colour does so much for our skin during these more “pale” months. It’s so nice that were starting to see a lot more colour happening in New Zealand. A few years a go, it seemed like the only colour on offer was black. It’s so easy to fall back into wearing all black as a safe option, but I feel like it gets so boring!

My outfit for today’s post is a good way to get more creative with your clothes, without looking like a walking ice cream (would that be so bad…? 😛 ) I kept the main pieces black so it’s a nice easy base to work with. The accessories are really neutral. Nude shoes, silver chain necklace and the silver clutch keep the look fresh and modern without looking dull. My statement piece is definitely the trench coat. The baby pink is very soft, so it’s not overpowering, yet it adds a massive difference to the overall look of the outfit. Accessories and outerwear are what completes a look and can transform your outfit from boring to polished in a matter of minutes.

I was really lucky to receive this trench and metallic clutch from the lovely team at I also received some gorgeous rose gold metallic loafers which I posted on my earlier this week. They will be making there way onto the blog soon, I’m sure!


Trench, Metallic Clutch:  / Thanks to

Necklace: Cathy Pope

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Photos :  <3


Features/ Can Dagarslani

June 18, 2015

10410996_10152869412083612_2051403192090126098_n 10441140_10152336328443612_396999150948056856_n 10489729_10152364670393612_2191529651125687899_n 10393594_10152366649638612_1538368314367782528_n 1958576_10152573627553612_9119309464156194530_n 10511284_10152425233068612_523015822089988215_n 10550811_10152373781233612_641356665809947957_n

Flicking through Frankie one night, I came across one of the most beautiful shoots I had ever seen. Every image that was printed just made so much sense to me, like it told a story. It’s like when you see a cute boy for the first time or when you first try on a pair of shoes, that you could no longer imagine your life without. That is what it’s like for me when I look at Can Dagarslani’s work. If you can even call it work- it’s pure art.

So for this Friday Feature, I just had to share the magical work that got me hooked, plus a few more images I later discovered on the internet. I really hope you enjoy and if you do, make sure you check out his website which is linked above :)

Happy Friday and have a good weekend guys x


Shift dresses and funky edits

June 15, 2015



As you can see I wanted to do something a little more fun for this post!! I asked my friend, Alicia to  make some creative edits out of some pictures Richard and I had taken, and she just went from there. (She also has a brand new youtube channel guys which I will link below, so be sure to check her out and subscribe!)

I’m wearing one of the cute lil shift dresses that will be available in my shop soon!! Isn’t it adorable?! Teamed with a chunky necklace from Yellow Brick road and my fave sneakers 😀









Features/ Jenna Baydee

June 12, 2015







Hi guys and welcome to my very first “features” post! Every Friday I will feature a new shoot/brand or any “creative thing” that inspires me (and hopefully you as well!) For my first post I have a shoot that I instantly fell in love with, shot by the talented . She shot dream couple Alexis and Mikka recently and the final result is just a spoonful of dreamy pastel goodness that will leave you wanting more.

Make sure you check Jenna out on facebook to see what she’s up to next! (linked above)

Happy Friday guys xx


Great Mail Days

June 10, 2015


Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a swell week.. Ha I don’t know where swell come from, it just felt right okay…

I’ll be honest this week has been a little tough for me, I don’t even know why.. It’s just been one of “those” weeks you know? Everything feels crap and you start to lose motivation and it feels horrible…. Well that’s been me this week, and I don’t like to post that kind of negativity on my blog or on the internet for that matter but I just got home a few hours ago and in my letter box I found a REALLY good mail day. I decided to take a few pics because, this is the thing that is putting things back into perspective for me. Which may sound silly but sometimes it’s the little things in life, when you realise “hey, your doing alright kid!”

So today I received two copies of Blacklisted in which I am featured in (so exciting) I’m actually just really digging the whole magazine, it’s so beautifully put together and I think it’s going to do amazingly.. It’s only the second issue so make you head over to their  page and buy yourself a copy! Support the little guys creating beautiful things in NZ, once you get your hands on a copy you can see how much love has gone into it.

Secondly, remember a few posts back my collab  with Danielle from ? She was so lovely and took the time to make a dress from her sprinkle and cream collection tailored for me! I received my beautiful dress today and she packaged it so beautifully I had to take photo’s for you guys also. There will definitely be a post soon featuring the dress!

If you guys are having one of those shitty weeks where nothing seems to be going right, just remember- you are doing so much better then you think you are!

Much love xxxxx






My Work


June 4, 2015





On Saturday morning I met up with James Yang for a shoot he was doing for his scholarship at Kingsize Studio’s. Such a fun atmosphere with multiple shoots going on around us.

Up until the night before, I thought I was going to have to do the make up for the shoot (which would have been disastrous) Luckily the lovely Eve, who I have wanted to work with for a little while now, was able to come down before work and help us out. Life saver! I’ll link her Instagram below too, her feed is immaculate and if your a make up lover you will die over the amount of dewy skin photographs!


Thanks to Showroom22 and Kingsize Studio’s

Photographer: James Yang

MUA: Eve Sorenson // IG:

Hair and Styling: Me

Model: Amy

Just a reminder guys, if you like my posts to pretty please follow me on    😀


First Day Of Winter

June 1, 2015


Hi guys! Hope you have all enjoyed your long weekend. Just a quick post featuring today’s outfit… I’m sure you’re all aware it was the first day of winter today, but it definitely feels like it’s been going on for a month or so now! :( On the plus side, Queens birthday meant we could drive down to Port Waikato to check out the surf (for Richard) and take some snaps!

It’s amazing what you find in your wardrobe that you forgot you had. These pants were given to me a few months ago and I think this is the first time I have actually worn them. As you can see from my messed up hair, it got pretty windy so we only took a few, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. Hope you like!


Singlet: Cotton On

Pants: Ketz-ke

Coat was for a shoot we had on yesterday, made by Jarrad Godman.