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November 2015


Moroccan Tan First Impression/Review

November 2, 2015

frst impression

Feeling a little pasty and with summer coming up fast I decided to do what most pale girls do, and apply a fake tan.

Not normally one for fake tanning, but I had a bottle sitting on my desk so I thought- why not use it? I’m still undecided if Moroccan Tan is a good fit for me. I was mortified when I first squeezed the tube and this dark thick cream came pouring out into my hand… which by the way- dries EXTREMELY fast. I know this technically is a good thing- but I had been left with some really tacky brown streaks over my legs, because I hadn’t worked it in quickly enough. Once it hit’s the skin- the stain starts to set in so you really need to work it in as quickly as possible! I decide to let it process on my skin anyway because I am hopeful that it will look better when the actual solution is washed off….

I leave it on for a good 24 hours because I totally misread the instructions. Turns out you only need it on for 2-4 hours…! In the morning, Richard is so grossed out by the smell, I can’t smell it so I don’t care too much (haha) When I hop out of bed, I’m a little disappointed. Where is my tan? Thank goodness those gorgeous streaks are still visible…. Oh goodie….

I hop into the shower and wash the solution off. Luckily, the streaks are a breeze to wash off, but I’m still a little disappointed by the results so I decide to re-apply.

This time I only leave the tan on for roughly 3 hours. I want to wash it off before Richard gets home and is disgusted by the smell again. It doesn’t work… He can still smell it haha. At least the results are much better. Still could be darker, but I prefer it looking more natural as opposed to being orange anyway.

First impression;

Packaging; Nice simple packaging. A white tube with black and gold writing. Being mainly white, I was worried it was going to look horrible after the first application, but the tube doesn’t seem to be stained at all.

Smell/Texture; Smell is quite biscuity, not a massive fan but it does seem to calm down after a day or two. Texture was a little hard to work in, took quite a while to work it in without any marks.

Results; After my second application, I’m pretty happy. As I said it could be darker, but at least it looks like a natural tan.