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8 Etsy Shops you need to know about

December 2, 2015

etsy banner

The countdown for Christmas has officially begun and most of us haven’t even started to think about Christmas gifts yet.

As much as I love finding a bargain from my favourite chain stores, shopping from smaller businesses has a real charm to it and can make the shopping experience so much more personal.

I decided to do some searching on Etsy today and came up with this list for some creative and unique ideas for Christmas gifts. Sifting through Etsy is a challenge, there are so many different options to choose from, and you can end up feeling a little lost, so I found 8 stores that will hopefully cancel out hours of searching.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



These vegan leather bags are high on my wish list, and at $60 (including shipping to NZ) their a total steal. I know my sister would absolutely love these bags and they would make great gifts. The store has an incredible range of simplistic handmade bags that are sure to win over any girl.

Minimal on etsy necklace2,

Beautifully handmade porcelain and metal jewellery from France. The thing that drew me to Heiress Atelier was not only the way she has crafted the slight masculinity in her designs, but how she presents them. A sure win with any minimalist for under the tree.


Handmade bowl3,

Handmade ceramics and housewares for any décor lover. The simplicity in the designs are perfect for any minimalist who appreciates the small details. Their are heaps of different styles in store, and because each piece is handcrafted, they are all very unique.



Something I really love about Herbivore Botanicals is they use only active ingredients that are their for a specific reason. No “fillers” or synthetic ingredients. All the products they make are natural and are only tested on humans. Basically- I want everything in their store! It also helps that the packaging would look sooo good in your bathroom..

Cosmic crystal5,

This is just the most gorgeous bra! It’s one of those bras you would only wear a handful of times because of the delicacy, but it’s so pretty for those special occasions. They also take custom requests and the whole store has a wide mixture of things, but the custom bras are just so eye catching.

vice and velvet6, 

I literally want everything…. It’s all just so pretty. Yes, pretty is how this whole store shall be described, it sums it up perfectly. When your stuck for ideas, soap is usually a great go to. But of course you want to make sure it’s special, and the soaps from Vice and Velvet are so lush and packaged to perfection (They also have a pretty great  page to stalk)

Monogram clutch7,

Naves is filled with various styles of personalised monogrammed clutches. These are such a cute idea as a bridesmaids gift or if your just wanting to give your loved one something a little personal. Made from vegan leather and you can have your own initials printed in the corner in gold. There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from, and they are all extremely versatile.


Knobbly studio specialises in ear cuffs and minimalist jewellery. The simplicity makes the cuffs a little more unique and special without looking like your trying too hard.  Unfortunately, the Christmas cut off date has now closed- but these are definitely worth keeping in mind for when your buying for someone special or even just for yourself!


I hope this post has helped you with any last minute Christmas ideas, if you have your own Etsy shop you want me to check out, or just one you think is awesome, link it below!



Disney X Pandora

November 16, 2015

IMG_9504 (2)

Last week, Pandora launched their Disney Collection. They had sent me a few pieces from the collection so I decided to get into the Disney spirit with my cute Mickey Ears! I am a massive Disney geek and especially looove Mickey and Minnie Mouse, this was such a fun shoot and we had so many laughs.. I might post some of the mistakes to my Facebook page soon. What do you think of the purple hair? I just coloured it but I think it’s only temporary!

Hope you like the pictures!

Jewellery: Pandora

Dress: Stop Staring


IMG_0220 (2)

IMG_0160 (2)

IMG_0182 (2)

IMG_9943 (2)

IMG_0222 (2)

IMG_0279 (2)

IMG_9502 (2) IMG_9507 (2)IMG_9628 (2)


Obsessing over Pandora!

November 3, 2015

new zealand fashion blogger

By now most of you know that Pandora contacted me a few weeks ago about working together on a collaboration. And yes- I did freak out when I received the email, never would I think that Pandora would notice my little blog! Needless to say, I am so excited to not only be able to work with Pandora, but to be able to create some really beautiful styling posts to show you guys the pieces as well.

As I said in my Facebook post, these pieces were not all gifted to me, they are with me on loan for a couple of months to create and style photo’s with. I will be able to keep one piece at the end, and yes I do already know which one!

Today I want to share with you some of the rings they have sent my way. I still have more to show you guys, but they will be coming in the next couple of posts! I hope you like them!

new zealand blogger- chicnew zealand blogger fashion- pandoraIMG_0571 (2)Pandora rings- auckland- new zealand blogger

I also learnt recently that every piece of Pandora jewellery is hand finished! I saw a video on YouTube and was totally blown away by the process. P.s the one that I want to keep is amongst this bunch…. Can you guess which one it is?

IMG_0594 (2) pandora at fredscoffee and pandora- auckland cafeauckland cafe freds- fashion blogger

Finishing our day off at Fred’s for some coffee and hummingbird cake!


Which is your favourite Pandora piece? Do you own any pieces yourself??


Classic Black and Gold Playsuit / Festival wear

October 20, 2015

IMG_9339 (2)IMG_9471 (2)IMG_9348 (2)IMG_9451 (2)IMG_9512 (2)IMG_9559 (2)If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen a few of these photo’s floating around..

I have become a little obsessed with these metallic tattoos, which I literally picked up at the $2 shop. I know you can buy better quality ones online, with more unique designs but because I decided to use these last minute, so the cheapy ones did the trick for now. I did find that because they weren’t very good quality they started to chip off quite easily (which was to be expected) I think next time I’ll try the Child of Wild ones from Showpo, the designs that they stock are soo pretty and eye catching.

This look, is probably the perfect festival outfit. I like that the metallic tattoos tie in with the gold bar on the playsuit and have given it a more “boho” look. Also, if your wearing a playsuit at a festival the less likely your going to flash everyone at the end of the day when you’ve had a few too many haha 😉


What is your favourite thing to wear at summer festivals?


The benefits of Outfit Layering

October 4, 2015


Spring, like autumn, is a season for layering.

If you’re finding that your wardrobe is starting to look a little drab, you are most definitely not alone. But, before you pull out that credit card, think again. Their is no need to blow your budget on new clothes that you’ll only end up wearing a handful of times.

Instead focus on layering the pieces that you already own, this could just give you the little confidence boost you need and it’s a great way to fall back in love with your wardrobe.

Layering is something I personally love all year round, (yes, even lightly in summer) but the beauty of applying it in spring is that it prepares you for whatever the weather throws at you; from a cold crisp morning to a scorching afternoon.

Apart from the practical benefits, layering is a great way to play with textures and finally wear those pieces in your wardrobe that you forgot all about.

A cashmere poncho is the perfect foundation piece for layering as it’s light to wear, has fantastic insulating qualities and can be worn as wrap or scarf given its oversized nature. The texture of cashmere contrasts well with silk, leather and cotton. You don’t need to be afraid to play around with it.

So, how many is too many layers? Luckily for you, there are no rules, you can layer until your little hearts content. Just wear enough to keep yourself warm in those mornings. You can always shed during the day 😉

Happy Layering!

spring layering- style poncho- high neckIMG_8946 (2)

IMG_8860 (2)IMG_8856 (2)

IMG_8901 (2)

Everything I’m wearing can be found at  :)


My Fashion Week Looks

August 31, 2015

IMG_7897 (2)concretejungle

Outfit number one is mostly stolen from my moms wardrobe. I love being able to steal her clothes! This look is a little more grungy then my normal I suppose. I love it though, I just think it’s super cool yet casual.

Leather Vest is by Jane Norman. Black T-shirt Dress Capture (I’m guessing Farmers?)

IMG_7506 (2)


Outfit two is a super girly dress, broken up with black boots and a leather jacket so it’s not too girly. I like breaking up outfits with more grungy pieces so their a little more rock n roll. My style is always changing, some days I want to dress like a princess and then other days I just want to wear tight black pants and leather boots. This just sits in the middle of that :)

Leather Jacket by Karl Lagerfeld. Lace Dress Bonbon Girls. Ankle Boots by Kookai.

mint shorts

Outfit three is incredibly light and girly and I love it! I have worn this coat a few times on the blog already but that’s just because I really like it. I’m loving the mint green too, its just a nice pretty colour and I feel like it suits a lot of different skin tones too.

Coat and Shorts both Forever New. Top by ??? Shoes by Mi Piaci


So, which outfit is your fave? One, two or three?

If you read my last post about Fashion week, you will know that I actually didn’t have the best time there, but I’m definitely going to be back next year I ‘ll just be a little more prepared! As much as I love the fashion, the designers and the creativity, it’s no secret that I’m a little put off by some of the negative people that attend these events.

Here are some tips to my future self when I’m heading back down to fashion week

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. (Doesn’t matter if there heels or flats, just something that’s easy to wear all day)
  2. Dress like you normally would, don’t try go overboard to impress others.
  3. Carry a water bottle, the shows can get a little hot, especially if you have a full day of them so keep hydrated to keep you going!
  4. Taxi or get a ride in! Parking is a nightmare…
  5. Leave the heavy handbags at home
  6. There will be a lot of people there that think a little too highly of themselves, ignore them. That’s not why your there!



My First ever Fashion Week

August 27, 2015


It’s 7am, the irritating sound of my alarm goes off…. I want to stay in bed a little longer… and then I remember what day it is. Yes it’s Wednesday, but it’s not just any Wednesday. Today, is the first time I will be heading down to NZFW as a BLOGGER!!! I’m immediately overcome with nerves and excitement. Last year at NZFW, I was working as a hairstylist and when I saw all the amazing bloggers down there, I so badly wanted to be in their shoes. (literally) New Zealand Fashion Week was the very reason I decided to finally start my blog, so I guess this is a big deal for me..

Leaving my house at 9.30, which is a little early, but this gives me an hour and a half to get to the venue and find a park. As I get into the city, I now realise that I should have left even earlier…. Great, now I’m running late. Looking for a carpark that isn’t going to cost me $40 is proving to be a difficult task; note to self, next year get dropped off. Luckily I brought some flat shoes with me. When I finally park up, I throw on my flats and run to the venue.. But, I’m still too late and I miss the ITZME and Julian Danger show  (I was looking forward to that one so I’m a little gutted) I end up waiting in the foyer and having a coffee.

My next show is the Her Apparel and Willa & Mae show.  This should be good, I adore HER Apparel and have been following their journey for a while now… Both collections’ are amazing, I am so blown away by HER’s new collection, there are so many pieces I now need really badly and I can’t wait for the release date next year. I couldn’t find any more photo’s online,but the designs were really beautiful and the I loved the use of color.


My two favourite looks from the HER Apparel show, image source: nzfashionweek


Willa and Mae Image source: NZ fashion Week

After the show we have a quick glass of bubbly and then I head off to the NZ Weddings show. Waiting in the main foyer, the atmosphere is a little intimidating, I’m not going to lie.. (You know the drill, fashionistas that think they are a little too fabulous for their own good) I look around and notice some of the girls for the weddings show handing out cute gift baskets to all of the VIPs. I have to admit, I’m a little envious, those gift bags look pretty adorable. I keep waiting- Finally, they announce that they will be seating for the show. YAY! I can finally escape the awkwardness. I head up and hand the girl my ticket. “Oh, you’re only a GA!” she says really loudly. Now, I’m super embarrassed…. “Ahhh yeah, should I come back?” She then says they will only be seating the vip guests right now and I need to wait in line. I guess I should have expected this, I totally assumed that because I had been invited to the show that would mean my ticket was seated. I wait in line for maybe 10-15 minutes, watching the “important” people make their way inside. When I’m finally allowed in, I sit in one of the spare seats, it turns out there are over 100 spare seats anyway. So I do wonder why I had to wait so long…. Whatever, I sit down and enjoy the show.

PicMonkey Collage

The Weddings Show Image source: Unknown

The show is really beautiful, I’m completely obsessed with all the lace and every delicate detail that goes into the gowns. If I’m being completely honest, when I found out I was going to a wedding show I thought it could potentially be a little boring, purely because I’m not exactly planning on getting married again anytime soon but I was proven wrong, the designs were all quite simply, stunning and the music for the show too was so good! (Music can really make or break a show) I sneakily had to pull out Shazam for a few of the songs.

 After the show, I meet up with another friend for a drink and then I head home. My feet are incredibly sore. I really should have left my flats on…. As I’m walking back to my car, I can’t help but feel a little flat about my fashion week experience. Although I had a good time overall, the attitude of some of the people there kind of got me down. I just really don’t like the “I’m too good for you attitude” at all. Maybe I just thought a little too highly of it in the first place. I don’t mean to sound bratty, I just want to give you guys my honest opinion about the day. Putting that aside, what the designers had put together was so phenomenal and I loved being able to watch the shows, after all that why I was there in the first place right? I will be back on Saturday with a open mind, and a rundown of my outfits, and some tips of what I have discovered from my first year at Fashion Week.


Paper Towns Preview

July 15, 2015

steve madden, fashion blogger, stylist, new zealand

11739723_10153838117014239_1224857868_nbonbon girls, karl lagerfeld, leather jacket, fashion bloggerauckland, scenic, boats, sail club, city of sailsIMG_9865 IMG_0031 IMG_9894 IMG_0032 Bonbon (1 of 1)

On Sunday, I was invited to the preview of John Greens’ latest “book turned movie” Paper Towns. Being a huge TFIOS fan, I accepted straight away! Okay? Okay 😉

So this was the look I decided to go for. Just a really simple mixture of black, nudes and white. Just keeping it super simple and casual, but also really put together.

I think I will still have this leather jacket when I am 60. It is by far my favorite. The leather is just so soft and comfortable and the cut is just amazing. If I could have one jacket for the rest of my life. This is that jacket. It’s probably the only jacket I will ever own by Karl Lagerfeld and every time I wear it, I receive a million compliments over it. A sure classic, that will forever remain in my wardrobe.

My bag is by the wonderful Steve Madden. It’s probably the perfect size. I’ve decided that massive bags just can’t be for me anymore. Not for an everyday basis anyway. If I have an over-sized bag, I always end up overfilling it with things I don’t ever need and then I end up hurting my shoulder from lugging it around all day. This size is perfect. You can only fit in what you actually need. This is going to be a hard lesson to learn… but definitely one that needs to be learnt, by not just myself, but a lot of us woman!

Okay, so lets talk the movie.

Paper Towns, is a cute, preppy movie starring Cara Delevigne. This intrigued me actually, I hadn’t seen her in any other movies so it was interesting to see her go from model to actress. I have to say, I look at her so differently now. In a good way. She can definitely act, and her role in the film was actually quite believable as to what she would be like in reality. I hadn’t read the book beforehand, so I was unsure as to what to expect. Knowing John Greens’ typical style, I was expecting to be a little heart broken at the end. I’m not going to give away anything I promise. You will have to check it out yourself.

If I’m being completely honest, this movie was a slight let down in comparison to The Fault in our Stars, but I’m totally bias. All in all, it was a cute movie with some valuable lessons, like remembering to enjoy what is right in front you. Enjoy the moments you are having now. Stop waiting to be “happy” later on in life.

P.S Remember to follow me on  xx


The LRD: Little Red Dress

June 28, 2015

antoinette-bonbon-girls-fashion-blogger thigh-tattoo-red-mini bonbon-girls-red-dress-boats red-dress-boats-sail-fashion-blogger bonbon-girls-red-dress-coat antoinette-bonbon-summer-palm-treesred-dress-forever-new-coat-bonbonbonbon-girls-boat-nz-red-dress

This sweet little red dress and the return of my favourite Forever New coat.

I’m finally posting about this gorgeous dress that was sent to me by the lovely Danielle from Devel Branded! This dress is again, apart of her sprinkles and cream range. Her cute little summer range with the most adorable lining! (I tried to get a pic….but failed)

One of my favourite features from this dress are the pockets! I do love a dress with pockets!! Got to look chic with convenience, right? This dress is also very versatile, after these photo’s were taken, I went out for my brothers leaving dinner. I quickly went home to change, and paired the dress with stockings and boots. It worked so well as a casual evening dress too. Yay for dresses with versatility! Especially if your on a budget and don’t want to fork out a few hundred dollars on dresses!

You can check out the rest of the Sprinkles and cream range here!

On another matter entirely, this weekend on a whole, has actually been a little bit disastrous! My laptop screen broke, basically the worst thing that could happen to a blogger! I am now plugged in to my TV, typing on my laptop but having to look at my massive TV screen to actually see what I’m doing. Note to self. Do not leave laptops on the floor, where they could be stood on :( I’m also writing from bed today. Not cool, came down with something last night, so I guess I’m just going to have to load myself with loads of herbal tea and some Vit C.

Any remedies would be appreciated too!

Kisses xxx


Tickled Pink Trench and Metallic Love.

June 21, 2015







Just because it’s winter in NZ definitely doesn’t mean we have to keep away from colour. In fact I think the opposite, colour does so much for our skin during these more “pale” months. It’s so nice that were starting to see a lot more colour happening in New Zealand. A few years a go, it seemed like the only colour on offer was black. It’s so easy to fall back into wearing all black as a safe option, but I feel like it gets so boring!

My outfit for today’s post is a good way to get more creative with your clothes, without looking like a walking ice cream (would that be so bad…? 😛 ) I kept the main pieces black so it’s a nice easy base to work with. The accessories are really neutral. Nude shoes, silver chain necklace and the silver clutch keep the look fresh and modern without looking dull. My statement piece is definitely the trench coat. The baby pink is very soft, so it’s not overpowering, yet it adds a massive difference to the overall look of the outfit. Accessories and outerwear are what completes a look and can transform your outfit from boring to polished in a matter of minutes.

I was really lucky to receive this trench and metallic clutch from the lovely team at I also received some gorgeous rose gold metallic loafers which I posted on my earlier this week. They will be making there way onto the blog soon, I’m sure!


Trench, Metallic Clutch:  / Thanks to

Necklace: Cathy Pope

Shoes: Mi Piaci

Photos :  <3