Ugh, As if!

Antoinette Bonbon

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great long weekend! Today I am posting from my bed- feeling rather ill 🙁 I think I ate something weird yesterday so now I’m definitely paying for it… Luckily I had taken these pics earlier so I have something decent to post!

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love a collared shirt (not to mention a cute preppy look) Clueless was basically my fashion inspiration for a year. So when I found out I would be shooting this amazing leather satchel I was pretty stoked! The colour is soo pretty and even the name of it is super cute, “Sugared Lime” These satchels are handmade in London and are of the most beautiful quality. Highly recommend these!!

Johnstons Cashmere, which is located on Queen st in Auckland, sell a huge range of colours and sizes of these amazing leather satchels including 3-4 different types of pink! <3 The shirt and cashmere sweater I’m wearing are also from this amazing little shop. They were both so light and easy to wear. I’m in love with the sweater! So light and I just LOVE the colour.

I actually can’t remember where I picked this skirt up from, but my shoes are from Mi Piaci.

Enjoy! x

Antoinette BonbonAntoinette BonbonAntoinette BonbonAntoinette BonbonAntoinette BonbonAntoinette Bonbon

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