5 Make up Hacks for Lazy Girls

September 11, 2015

Okay girls you know the drill, wake up at 6 am, eat breakfast (if were lucky) Throw on some make up and then theirs the effort of deciding what to wear…. Every morning starts to feel like a massive chore, we have so many steps just to look “decent” for the day. Some days I think being a man would be easier, just get up and go! Literally. Then I remember that being a girl is actually pretty bad ass and I forget I ever thought that…. I mean we get boobs and make up so we win. Being a 20 something year old girl who has worn make up for over half my life has taught me some pretty sweet hacks to make those dreaded mornings a little easier. So today I share my hacks with you, my fellow lazy girls who just want a simpler morning.


When your foundation is too dark

Pale girls have a rough time finding a good foundation that doesn’t cost the earth. I recently decided to try out Maybelline Better Skin foundation in Ivory…. Only to find that this color is no way near what I would call Ivory, it makes my skin quite orange. Aside from this, I really like the foundation, it lasts all day and it actually does make the appearance of my skin a lot of more even in tone. I’m quite impressed…. Except of course for the color. So I tried mixing in my day time moisturizer and the color is perfect! The coverage is a little lighter but that’s fine with me, I usually add concealer over top anyway. So girls, if you have a color that’s too dark, don’t waste the bottle, just mix in your moisturizer!


When you fall in love with a mascara, but your bank balance is always getting in the way.

In my recent post about eyelashes I briefly talked about this. Mascara is pretty much all the same stuff, weather it’s Lancome or Maybelline. So if you do happen to buy a really expensive mascara and fall in love with it- Keep the brush and re use it for your cheaper mascaras. The wand is what makes all the difference!


When you run out of your favorite nude lipstick

I really like this little hack I found on the good ol’ internet! It’s so perfect if you have run out of your fave nude lippy or even if you want to play around with different shades (it’s so hard to find a good nude lipstick) All you need is Lip balm, bronzer, blush and a liquid concealer. Just apply your lip balm as usual, then line your lips with the bronzer using a lip brush, dab some blush in the center to add some color and if you want the color to stand out a little more just add a tiny bit of concealer over top (again, just dab on lightly with your fingers) Topping up is a little hard, I usually just carry my lip balm and if I can be bothered I’ll carry my blush with me too.

IMG_8240 (2)

White Eyeliner for tired eyes

This is my favorite product right now! White eyeliner is BOSS. Hide your tired eyes with a white eyeliner to really open up your eyes and make your eyes really pop. It really works wonders.



Fuller Lips for a killer pout

Plumping lip scrubs are best to prep and plump your lips with, but if you want them to look even fuller, use a light pencil (another place where your white eyeliner comes in handy) in the center of lips before blending out and applying gloss over top. This gives the illusion that the center is much fuller than it actually is. Now, move over Kylie Jenner!


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