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January 11, 2016

Hosting a pool party- Bonbon Girls

Pool Party food

GH. MUMM & Deep fried Mac & Cheese Balls


Pool Party Swan

Pool Party Flamingo

Pool Party with friends Birthday cake with macarons

Swan-Flamingo-Pool party

Pool Party

Pool party!!

Pool party with friendspool party with moetPool Party NZ SUMMERTHE PERFECT RECIPE FOR A POOL PARTY WITH FRIENDS.

I have to admit, just a few months ago, the thought of turning 26 scared me a little. I have always had a fear of getting older and the thought of heading into my late 20’s meant that my life was pretty much done. I have since learnt to come to terms with embracing getting older, I mean, there’s no way around it, is there! Once you become comfortable in your own skin, life truly does become so much better. And, I have to say, this had to be one of my best birthdays yet!

I didn’t want to do anything too crazy this year, I have been in summer mode so planning and organising an event just sounded like too big of a task. I didn’t want to make a huge fuss- just a dew drinks, some giant blow up pool toys and some of my favourite people to celebrate with. This was the perfect recipe for a fun night. I am pretty lucky to have the friends that I do. Celebrating at home is only fun when you have great people surrounding you- and I definitely have that! The older you get- the more you begin to realise how important the people are that are always there for you. Surround yourself with kind hearted and fun people always, and do things for each other without expecting something in return.

Antoinette x

P.s My cake was made by my mum and it was made up from three different layers, and yes she also made the Macarons herself! I was so impressed by her efforts! She only started making these cakes a few months ago and she is doing so well with it!

Dress- Forever New

Blow Up Swan and Flamingo;

Mums Cakes can also be found

Daily Outfits FASHION


January 8, 2016

2015 LookbookMY 2015 LOOKBOOK.

Before I turn 26 and start the dreaded next chapter in my life (otherwise known as my late 20’s) I thought I would put together a mini Lookbook of all my favourite outfits I wore in 2015. Along with some minimal styling tips.

Looking back at these photos brings me so many memories of not only my outfits, but the people I met, the things we did, the talks we had and the art of creating cool images for this blog. I enjoy creating my Look Posts the most for this blog so I am hoping to get a whole lot more packed in this year. This time around focussing on styling tips and finding the best places to shop etc. Because who doesn’t want a Beyoncé wardrobe without that price tag..?

From my Best Of 2015 post I had a few requests for some beauty/make up videos too, and while this scares me, I am very much up to the challenge so thank you to everyone that commented! Your opinion means the world to me!

So, here I bring to you all, My 2015 LOOKBOOK

Look One; This was one look I created with Wilde Hearts Boutique. Crop tops and High-waisted shorts were something I was all about in 2015. I have quite a little stomach so the high cut from the shorts accentuates that and provides a really flattering shape. I like that not too much skin is showing and I felt really confident wearing this. Full shoot is here!

Look Two; This is a cute play on colours, I love colour clashing for fun every now and then just to keep it interesting. The dress is by Natalie Chan Boutique and leather satchel is one of my favourites! For all you Aucklanders that were keen on the bag you can find it from The Cashmere Co. which is located on Queen st. This was shot by Clara Pafundi, and we shot quite a few different looks so if you want to see the rest you can on this post

Look Three; This is such a cute jumpsuit! I love the gold bar and the sweetheart neckline and apparently  so did you guys! I had quite a few messages about this one over on my Instagram. It’s super simple yet beautiful and I think it’s also quite a timeless look. Black and gold never ages :)

Look Four; This was apart of my NYE post. Oh my gosh! This dress is just incredible. I still can’t get over the fact that it was only $85 from Boohoo, such a steal!

Look Five; Ahhh one of my absolute favourite looks. It’s preppy, it’s girly and sassy. Everything I love about a outfit! I have always loved dressing like a school girl (haha) I guess I just like to channel my inner Cher from Clueless. I find it cute and that’s all that matters. Confidence is always key, as long as you feel good, you can wear  it.

Look Six; Another one of my preppy looks from last year! This one was a more recent addition and I just felt cute in it. Theirs just something about a good pleated skirt. When I wear something like this, I’m mentally playing OMI- Cheerleader in my head.

Look Seven; These pants are the bomb. I love them, I have had them for like three years now and I kind of just love how unique they are. I haven’t worn them in a while however and will probably list them in my store soon. Yes, as always paired with my leather jacket. You have probably noticed by now, this jacket is my go to. It’s my statement piece and it’s something I always feel good in. Unless your a vegan, get yourself a leather jacket, you won’t regret!

Look Eight; Cute little sailor outfit. I fell in love with these shorts because they had such a great fit and the material was lovely. I do love a good stripey outfit too. It just adds a light amount of “sailor” to a look. P.S spot the high waist and crop happening yet again?

Look Nine; Well fitted pants, cute lace up shoes and a beautifully detailed top and we have a awesome work to drinks look. I love how versatile this look is and the silhouette is stunning. Thanks yet again to Boohoo! Stunning looks for less as always.

Thanks again to everyone who likes, comments and shares my posts. That’s what keeps this blog going and I am loving the support from you! This year will be filled with so many more fashion and beauty posts and I’m really excited to get started! Please comment below if there are any areas you want me to talk about! I love hearing what you have to say xx

Have an awesome weekend lovelies xxx



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January 6, 2016


Homemade Organic Coffee Scrub

My sister gifted me this jar filled with this homemade coffee scrub which she actually made herself. I was so impressed she made the effort and I love the jar as opposed to the standard paper bag. If you haven’t already heard- Coconut and Coffee are extremely beneficial to the skin due to the high amount of antioxidants. People have even claimed that coffee reduces cellulite, I personally have no idea if this is actually true, but what I do know, is that this coffee scrub is extremely effective when it comes to exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating the skin.

Because of the vanilla, this coffee scrub smells heavenly and my skin feels so good afterwards. Be sure to try it out before applying self tanner, the coffee will exfoliate your skin more effectively then a normal scrub, so it gives you the perfect base for a gorgeous even looking tan!

How do you like your coffee? 😛

Homemade Coffee Scrub


  • 1 Cup Ground Coffee
  • 1 Cup Sugar or Salt
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon (optional)
  • 1 Tablespoon Vanilla (optional)



1. Melt coconut oil and allow it to cool but not solidify.

2. Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container or mason jar.

3. Use 1-2 times a week (or everyday if you like).

4. The coffee and sugar will exfoliate your skin and the coconut oil will leave your skin soft and moisturized.

If you love this scrub as much as I do, make sure you give this post a share so your friends can try it too!



January 4, 2016

antoinette bonbon best of 2015

The Best Moments of 2015.

I know this post is a little late, 2015 seems like a distant memory. But hey, I’ve been on holiday mode! I’ll be heading back to work tomorrow and then I’ll be back to posting on the regular. I know it sounds cliché but I really can’t comprehend where the time has gone. When I look back on 2015 there were definitely some awesome moments. Some pretty great opportunities came my way because of this little blog and because I have some awesome people around me who are constantly supporting every crazy decision I make.

From a last minute trip to Rarotonga to Pandora contacting me to work with them to having my very first interview published in a Magazine. I have so much to be grateful for and so many people to be grateful for. Including you, thank you so much for supporting this little site.

This year (I have already decided) will be my best yet and I hope you have already made this decision for yourself too. I have decided to set one goal and one goal only. I don’t want the distractions of a million other resolutions or goals that I won’t be able to achieve.  So, 2016 is the year I want to take this blog and mould it to where I want it to be. If I can eventually call this corner of the internet my full time job, I will be happiest gal alive. So, that is something I’ll be working on in 2016, and I could really do with your input!

All I need to know, is what type of posts YOU like to read. I want to create content that you get excited about! I know that I get a lot of hair questions, so I’ll be trying to fit a few more of those in but what are you interested in? Fashion, Beauty, Life Advice? Anything? I’m down for it all!

Let me know in the comments below and to say thank you, I’ll be picking a random winner for a spot prize filled with some hair and beauty goodies! (bonus points for anyone who shares this post) Get excited yall I have some really good stuff here for you

But for now, here are my top posts of 2015…..

BEST OF 2015

Did you have a favourite? Remember to let me know below and HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!

Daily Outfits FASHION


December 30, 2015

IMG_9981 (2)Styling Ankle Boots Part 2

styling ankle boots

styling ankle bootsfashion blogger, styling black ankle boots

 Styling Ankle Boots; Cocktail Hour

Part Two; Styling Ankle Boots Series, part one can be found here! This week I am focussing on a evening/cocktail hour look.

Heading out for a drink with girlfriends is always a treat. Getting a little dolled up and having a laugh with friends is not only fun, but therapeutic. Obviously to fully enjoy your night out, you need to feel good about how you look. I chose to style my ankle boots with a midi skirt, because there is nothing worse then heading out and feeling paranoid about the length of your dress. When your constantly tugging at your outfit, no matter how cute it is, you look uncomfortable and you feel less confident. So wearing something you feel confident in is key.

Styling tips for your ankle boots;

  • Wear boots that you feel comfortable in, confidence is key when pulling off any look
  • Midi skirts look great with a high heeled ankle boot and allow you to look sexy without showing off too much.
  • Utilize what you already have in your closet- no need to clock up your credit card, this outfit is a simple pencil skirt, croptop and my ankle boots that I have had for a year now, your closet is so easy to dress up once you look it more abstract
  • When in doubt- choose black. If your not comfortable with styling yet- black and white are a great way to start. You look classy and colour matching isn’t a problem.

How do you wear your ankle boots? Let me know below!

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December 27, 2015

New Zealand Summer Days, roadtripsSummer Roadtrips.

summer fashion blogger fashion blogger, antoinette bonbon, summer roadtrips Fashion blogger in lace, wide brimmed hat, summer New Zealand Fashion Blogger, summerNZ fashion blogger, beach OOTD New Zealand fashion blogger by the beachHot Summer days and Roadtrips

Hello beautiful people! I hope your Christmas was lovely! In New Zealand it’s Summer and we have been having some extremely warm days. Something Richard and I love to do during the Summer is take plenty of road trips. Some of the most beautiful beaches are right here in NZ and every year I try to visit a good dozen of them. There’s something very serene and beautiful about the deep blue ocean that can make me so thankful and humbled all at once.

This dress makes for such a lovely Summer “Day Trip” dress for the beach. The light and flowy fabric makes it easy and practical to wear around town as well the beachside, paired with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses for extra protection!

These photos were taken at Papamoa Beach, this spot is so amazing! I’m so glad we found it, it’s a lot less crowded then the Mount, which was just around the corner and I love the photos we took here <3

Are you planning any road trips this Summer? Where are your favourite spots?

You can shop my look below!

Hat | Dress | Necklace



December 24, 2015

Merry-christmas-eve-drinks christmas-eve-drinks! christmas eve drinksMerry Christmas Eve lovelies!

Just a very quick appreciation post to say Merry Christmas to all my amazing readers. You guys are the ones that keep me going and just realizing that what I love is appreciated by all of you makes me want to continue even more and it always gets me even more excited to create. A special thanks to my family, Richard and all my friends, you are the ones who support me and always prove to me what true love means and for that I’m always grateful.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!

(Photo’s taken tonight with my sister, Samara)


FASHION Features


December 23, 2015


I know the Balmain for H&M range is now considered old news, but I am just so infatuated with these pictures of Andy Torres, the dress.. the boots… the whole look is perfection! Why must New Zealand be so far away from all these gorgeous stores? We totally missed out on the whole Balmaination. New Zealand, I love you, but were a little stuck in time.

H&M is one of my favourite stores, the clothes are actually really fashion forward and the prices are even better.I am just praying that when H&M comes to New Zealand next year, we get a really great range of options. In saying that, I still haven’t gotten myself down to (the not so new anymore) Topshop. I’m just assuming that everything will be well overpriced, so I haven’t bothered yet…!

If your reading from New Zealand and have been, is the Topshop on Queen worth a visit? Or have they just totally capitalised on it being the only one and marked everything up? Let me know below! x




December 21, 2015

blonde bob, denim jacketblonde blogger, preppy outfit, valfre


mini skirt, denim jacket

cheerleader vibers, blogger, auckland after school, cheerleader vibes blonde blogger/ cheerleader

On Saturday I was feeling a little preppy and channelling my inner cheerleader (yes she comes out every now and then)

We were doing some last minute Christmas shopping and decided to take few pics on our way home. You can find this skirt in my shop and the little vest is from Glassons. I stole Richards denim jacket for the day and I think I may just have to keep it as I really like how it looks. Does anyone else like wearing boys clothes?! Sometimes I prefer the men’s tops and jackets, especially on the weekends.

The weather in New Zealand is going through a weird transition at the moment, it’s warm then cold, warm then cold- I can’t keep up. So a summery outfit with an oversized jacket seemed like the way to go… This outfit makes me want to buy the Chanel flats I have been lusting over, as they would go so perfectly! Oh well- dreams are free.



December 18, 2015

style blogger, new market


blogger, boohoo, silver hairstyle blogger, boohoo, neckline

Boohoo Monochrome style blogger

Pictures by  and Make up 

This could be the perfect work to Friday drinks outfit. The black pants are those sort of skinny yet not too painted on kind of pants and I really love the silhouette they make in the pictures. I instantly fell in love with the top, the details are just so gorgeous and the neckline is my favourite. Finished off with the strappy shoes I wore in my NYE party post.

Ps. Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet? I’ve got a few last minute things to pick this weekend- talk about leaving last minute!

Happy Friday!