3 Make up finds for less than $20!

November 9, 2015

makeup finds for under $20

Budget Makeup Finds I just had to try!

You just never know what your going to find at K-Mart. Call me strange but their is something about those big budget stores that I just love. On Saturday, I found myself their looking for a few bits and pieces and ended up in the make up aisle. I noticed that K Mart seemed to have their own beaut line, which looked very basic but not all bad either. On top of that, the prices were insane. These beauty products were too cheap not to try. Make up can get a little expensive so I thought, why not trial a few budget products out..

Cheap make up products

First up, is not from the K Mart range but the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, I picked this up for $17 (I think it was actually on sale)

I chose 235 Pure Beige Matte and Poreless. Unfortunately, you can’t colour match at K-Mart and it is a little too dark for me.. Apart from that, I like the coverage it gives and the texture of the foundation too. I just found it hard to blend because of my poor colour choice. I think if I was a little darker in skin tone, the foundation would be great.. Unfortunately, I am very pale and this is way too orange for my liking.

Would I buy again? If they make a lighter colour! I couldn’t see one available….

Antoinette Bonbon. Silly Selfies, cheap make up

Secondly, The Pressed Powder (I think the brand is just K-Mart??) Anyway it was $9!

So, naturally I had to try it. I have naturally quite oily skin and it can be hard to keep it nice and matted all day but I am super impressed with this powder, it seemed to last all day, kept my skin matte and it was quite light too. This powder is a total steal.

Would I buy again? Yes!!

applying winged eye liner

Then I decided to try out the Liquid Eyeliner from the same brand, (K-Mart??) it was $7.

So I was convinced it was worth trying. When I initially opened the packet, I have to admit I was mortified that it looked similar to a magic marker! I thought that applying was going to be a total disaster too, as I am used to using liquid eyeliners with a applicator and pot. Surprisingly, I found applying the eyeliner a dream (actually I prefer this, turns out it’s easier to balance!) If you struggle applying eyeliner I would actually suggest using one similar to this. I was quite happy with the result, when I finished my makeup. However I noticed it didn’t last extremely well, it seemed to run a little into my inner corner, not a whole lot but enough to annoy me. The wing however, stayed perfectly in tact.

Embarrassingly, around midday I had a little coughing fit. It was so bad my eyes started watering, ALOT. (Awkward!!!) So, I unfortunately found out that this eye liner is most definitely NOT waterproof, I had big black marks all down my face and it was not pretty! I would not recommend wearing this to funerals or sad movies, unless of course your planning on scaring everyone with your appearance.

Would I buy again? No, but I’ll probably wear it again.


So those are my 3 budget buys from the weekend, have you got any good budget make up finds you love? Share them with me below!



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