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All about Matcha! My Smoothie Bowl and Bliss Balls Recipes

October 26, 2015

IMG_0147 (2)I Love you very matcha.. <3

Matcha is a high quality tea that Buddhist monks have been drinking for almost 900 years.

The benefits of drinking Matcha are huge. The tea contains 137 times the antioxidants as a traditional green tea, because you are actually drinking the grounded up tea leaves themselves as opposed to infusing your hot water.

Matcha slows down the aging process and it is also rich in caffeine- enough to keep you energised for 6 hours. I personally love Matcha tea for the benefits it has on my skin.

The great thing about Matcha is you don’t have to drink it as a traditional tea to get the benefits, I’ve tried a couple of different recipes using my  it’s a more creative way of enjoying Matcha, especially if your not normally a fan of green tea.

This is a slightly different post to my normal- but I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you try out the recipes and if your looking for a creamier Matcha treat check out this Roasted Blueberry and Cream Matcha Popsicle!


Matcha Chocolate Bliss Balls:

1 mashed banana, 1 cup LSA, 1 cup of oats, 1/4 cup of desiccated coconut, 1/4 cup sliced almonds, 1/2 cup cocoa, 3 tbs peanut  butter, 2 tbs honey, dash of vanilla.

Matcha Topping:

1 cup of desiccated coconut, 1 tsp matcha

Mix Bliss ball mixture well in a bowl, and roll into balls using your hands, then coat evenly in the matcha topping. Leave to set in the fridge for one hour.

IMG_0143 (2)domorehappystuff

Matcha Berry Smoothie Bowl:

1/4 cup blueberries, raspberries or blackberries (Frozen are OK), 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/2 cup of milk, 1 tsp Matcha.

Blend together in a electric blender and decorate however you like! Mixture thickens up quite quickly so drink immediately.

smoothie bowl

Beauty LIFE

6 Beauty Hacks to wake up feeling better tomorrow

October 19, 2015


We all have heard the term “beauty sleep” but how often do you actually wake up feeling beautiful?

The life of the modern girl is a tough one and we barely have time for one-hour beauty treatments, so why not use your 8 hour sleep to your benefit? These simple beauty hacks can all be done the before bed and work while you sleep… How perfect is that!?

Sleep on Silk

Something I learnt from my life as a hairstylist is silk is much easier on your hair. It helps avoid tangles and breakage, and because the material glides easily it’s also much softer on your skin. A silk or satin pillowcase could be your ticket to good hair days and keeping wrinkles at bay. Make sure you’re also changing your pillowcase at least once a week to prevent oil build up on your pillowcase  (which leads to acne)

Look after your skin

Your skin is an amazing organ which works overtime while your sleeping. Cells rebuild and repair at all stages of sleep, so having a good skincare regime is extremely important. Make sure you give your skin a thorough cleanse at night followed by a exfoliation once or twice a week. Using a heavy night cream is great to let your skin absorb overnight and keep your skin hydrated.

Banish Eye Bags

There are multiple ways to tackle eye bags. My favourite is green tea. Start from the inside and then work your way out. Green tea is full of antioxidants and is also really hydrating (aside from lack of sleep, this is one of the main causes) So make yourself a cup before bed every night, trial for a week to see if you can see the difference. If your looking for results instantly, get yourself the under eye melt from Bossy. You can read my review here

Lengthen your lashes  and brows (the natural way)

Apply castor oil to a clean mascara wand and apply to your lashes and brows before you sleep! You can use this technique as long you like- not only does it help to promote growth but it also conditions. Remember to wash it off in the morning or your make up won’t last throughout the day.

Use Coconut oil as a overnight hair treatment

Yes- this is yet another coconut oil tip- but it’s a goodie I promise! Before you go to sleep, apply lashings of coconut oil to dry hair, you can then wrap it up into a cap to avoid getting it all over your pillowcase. Leave the treatment in overnight. The next morning, wash your hair as normal, your hair will feel nourished and healthy!

Don’t forget about that pout!

Use your favourite lip scrub in the evening and apply lashings of lip balm. You’ll wake up with softer nourished lips that don’t chap in the morning.

Enjoy your beauty sleep lovelies! If you enjoyed this post, please give it a share! Your friends may like it too xx


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The 5 Warning Signs that you’re doing Social Media Wrong

October 12, 2015


These days it seems like you can find everything you need to know about someone with a simple Google search (a scary but true thought!)

Social media accounts are now acting as a digital resume, so it’s more important than ever to manage them carefully. Your accounts are how you are represented with not only your friends and family, but also future employers or future clients who are doing some sneaky homework on you.

The Golden Rule.

I read on another blog that you should never post anything on Facebook or Instagram etc that you wouldn’t want on the cover of The New York Times. Basically, if what you just posted would mortify you if printed for millions of people, then you probably shouldn’t post it on your social media. This may be a little dramatic, but overall a good concept.

Pick up your social media game by avoiding these 5 mistakes;

1.Can’t figure out the hype?

If you can’t figure out the hype here it is; Social media is a great way to connect with like minded individuals and build relationships. Instagram, is one social media platform that I feel has helped me a lot with some personal and career growth. Making the right connections with people in your niche always works in your favour. On Instagram, I have managed to build relationships with other bloggers, find new brands to work with and on top of that I am inspired daily by the Influencers that I one day hope to be like.

2.Your last 5 posts were Inspirational quotes  

Yes, we get it. Quotes can help you boost yourself up if your not feeling your best, but posting quotes left right and centre is not a good way of communicating with people. Would you wander around the street bursting out quotes all day long? Probably not… People want to connect with you, not a quote that is plastered all over the internet. Before posting something, think “how would this sound in real life?”

3.You can’t remember the last time you had a conversation in social media

The intent of social media is to social not to just focus on yourself, but the other people around you. Having conversations with other people and focussing on engaging with others. If you can’t remember the last time you had a conversation on a social media platform, you may want to start one up, the results could surprise you.

4. Your not replying to comments

I guess this kind of falls under number 3, but this is one thing that really bothers me and thought it deserved a mention. If someone is taking the time out to comment or engage with you on one of your posts, not only is it rude to not respond but you will also look a little stuck up (sorry to be blunt). People will eventually get bored of you ignoring them and they will move on.

5.You can’t remember when you last posted on Facebook or Instagram

Social media does not wait for anybody. If you can’t remember the last time you posted, guess what? No one else can either. It’s up to you to be present. Time moves faster in social media than it does anywhere else. It’s not built to be a static website where everything stays the same for months on end, it’s built to be somewhere you connect and somewhere people can find out more about you and what makes you tick.


I hope these tips helped, have you got any social media tips for me? Let me know below!


The Shopaholics Guide to Saving

October 9, 2015


Step one to becoming a Girlboss.

Girlboss is the thought provoking book written by Sophia Amoruso. It teaches us all how to become a Boss in our own right. I’m not saying you need to own your own successful chain of stores to claim Girlboss status. Becoming a Girlboss is about taking charge of your life and having the freedom to live the life you truly want.

The truth is, it’s not your income, it’s about spending within your means.

Imagine if you had the financial savings to give you a little more freedom? How good would that be? I’m sure you can already think of a million ways to put it to good use. So, I have put together a guide on how to start taking control of your financial status.

Set Yourself a Weekly Budget.

Setting yourself up a weekly budget breaks down all your expenses. It lets you see how much your spending a week on things you don’t need and it allows you to revaluate where your money should be going.  Leave yourself a small budget for any random expenses that pop up.

Open a savings Account.

Set one up with your bank, its easy and they usually have great incentives. If you don’t touch the money in your account for a certain period of time, you can end up earning some great interest back. Make sure every payday you put a certain amount in each week, this will one day feel natural and you’ll get used to not having the extra cash there.

Ditch the Lattes.

You don’t realise the affect coffee has on your bank account until you look at your bank statement and count up how much it’s really costing you. Save yourself the pain and bring your coffee from home. Go out for coffee on the weekends as a treat.

Say NO to impulse purchases.

Impulse purchases are a great way to buy things you don’t need. Say no to buying things just because they looked pretty in the store or were on special. The only exception to that rule is if it’s something you have really wanted for a long time, then it finally goes on sale, go for it. Otherwise, it’s just going to be another scarf or another pair of shoes that sit in your closet. Your going to get home and never use it, so leave it where it belongs. At the store.

Hide your credit card.

The second step, and this is critical. Is to hide your credit card. Or even better- chop it up. I’m a firm believer in only spending what you have, and if you are really wanting to save- the credit card must go.

Unsubscribe from Mail Lists.

When you’re trying to save money- what’s the last thing you need? You’re favourite store telling you all about the great deals that you are missing out on. Or even worse… All the gorgeous new arrivals that just got in. That temptation is not welcome here, remember money in your account not your feet!

Find creative ways to make money.

If your struggling to get by this can be a great way to save. Use the extra cash to put directly into your savings. Some great examples are babysitting, bake sales or selling your clothes you no longer want online. You don’t have to be ultra savvy to come up with ways to make extra dough, just get back to basics. It creates a fun way to top up your savings. (This also cures boredom on your days off)

Have you got any savings tips to add? Let me know below, and if you enjoyed this post make sure you find me over on  for updates!


LIFE Real Talk

The truth about counting calories.

September 19, 2015

These days on social media, you are highly praised for having a size zero waist. The amount of pressure on you is higher than ever before and it can be a daunting feeling. This is why I decided to share how the social media pressure has affected me, and how much damage it could be doing to you or someone else you know.

About two years ago, before I started my blog I dropped around 10kgs. It was something that started out as me wanting to eat healthy and take care of my body which I eventually let turn into a disorder, filled with sleepless nights and anxiety problems. Something I didn’t think would ever happen to me. Before this all happened, I had been happy with my body, there was no major self esteem issues and I was quite confident with how I looked.

It was when I started to meet lots of models and started getting a few modelling gigs myself that I decided I needed to start taking care of myself a little more. Just to make this clear, no one said this to me, I came up with it myself. So I downloaded the “myfitnesspal” app. This is an app where you track your calories for the day, set yourself goals and track your weight loss over the time that you started. I just thought it would be a good way for me to only eat what I needed, instead of over eating which is something I tend to do… I am a massive foodie. I love really good quality food!

Somewhere in those few months, I started to really rely on the number of calories I was allowed. To the point that when I was eating something I wouldn’t enjoy it, I would just think to myself “okay cool that’s only 100 calories so I have 500 left for dinner but I’ll try to not eat all of them” or “I am so freaking hungry, but if I eat right now, I’ll be over my goal.. I’ll just have a glass of water and hope it goes away” People started to point out my weight. Complaining that I had gotten too thin. P.s I know you were tying to help, but this doesn’t help, this just made me feel worse. I was in denial because I strongly believed that this was not a disorder, I just thought I was being healthy. The fact that I was still eating led me to believe that I was fine. But I wasn’t. Not really.

On days where I ate over my goal I wouldn’t sleep all night because I just thought about how big I was going to get. It’s like the scariest thing that could ever happen to me was get fat. Anxiety kicked in. If you know me, you’d know that I am the most chill person ever. Anxiety and I had never really met before… How did I let it get this bad??

What happened was I stopped looking at how I looked in the mirror and instead I focussed on the number on the scale. When I finally hit 57kgs (which I suppose sounds ridiculous to you all but I am really tall. The “normal” weight for my height is 70kgs (according to the docs) I decided that this was a good weight for me and to be honest I was so sick of people complaining about how I looked. I knew I had gone too far and I decided I would start to just try and maintain the weight I was on.

While I was “maintaining” my weight, I started to relax my thinking about it. I still had a few sleepless nights here and there about how I was letting the ball drop and how fat I was going to get. Eventually over time, I got sick of it. I got sick of the app, I got sick of being so hard on myself and I was tired of noting down every single thing I ate! I decided to delete it off my phone. The next month or so, I downloaded and deleted it off my phone multiple times. Because I had been doing this for so long, I still wanted to be really skinny but I didn’t want all the issues that it came with.

I deleted it for the final time and I started to gain some weight. I’m really grateful no one mentioned my weight gain when I slowly started gaining it back, even though I could tell they noticed, they knew not to talk about it by this point. I was still in a really weird state of mind. It has been such a “off limits” topic for me, again if you know me.. I talk about ANYTHING. I decided to share this with you all because it turned me into such a different person while it was happening. I had no idea how cloudy my brain had become, and how obsessed I had become with being tiny.

These days, I’m back to my old self. I’m at a healthy weight and I feel good. I’m no way near perfect, I have a sugar addiction and I over eat dinner sometimes but I’m really okay with this. I know I’m really lucky to be so comfortable with myself. I know that a lot of other girls struggle much worse than I but the fact that this did affect me the way that it did just proves that it really can happen to anyone.

Even though, I preferred not to discuss it with anyone until now, I know that talking about it could have made the situation so much better. It’s awkward and uncomfortable at first but once you do, it’s like a massive weight has lifted off your shoulders.


Wine Tasting On Waiheke

September 15, 2015

IMG_8573A beautiful Monday spent wine tasting on Waiheke Island..

IMG_8428On our way! (My new haircut, courtesy of the Wella Trend Vision Show I did on the weekend, will have photo’s soon I hope!)

After spending the last two very long days prepping for the Wella Trend Vision Show, taking some time out on Monday was exactly what I needed. If you have never done a wine tasting tour before, then you need to get onto it! It’s the perfect way to find out which wineries you like, meet some new people and you can learn a thing or two along the way. We did find the tour was a little rushed though. Apart from our lunch at Stoneyridge we only had around 30 minutes per winery and we really needed longer to soak up the atmosphere.

We visited three wineries and a olive estate throughout the day. My favourite was hands down the last winery we went too, the Mudbrick Vineyard, where we actually ended up staying afterwards. Finishing the day off with food and wine and an amazing view. If I had to recommend one to visit, it would definitely be the Mudbrick. We ordered the platter for two because we weren’t overly hungry, turns out the platter they bought out was huge, but of course we managed to eat it all! We were all really impressed with our platter and of course our wine, (which was the Pinot Gris by the way)

Every Monday should be spent like this….


IMG_8443 (2)

Our amazing view from lunch at Stoneyridge


Our amazing lunch! A spinach and feta quiche with salad and of course- topped with Olive oil


Beer tasting at Wild on Waiheke

IMG_8534 IMG_8530


Our platter for “two”


These pictures were taken at the gorgeous Mudbrick Vineyard. Couldn’t have had a better finish to our day <3


My First ever Fashion Week

August 27, 2015


It’s 7am, the irritating sound of my alarm goes off…. I want to stay in bed a little longer… and then I remember what day it is. Yes it’s Wednesday, but it’s not just any Wednesday. Today, is the first time I will be heading down to NZFW as a BLOGGER!!! I’m immediately overcome with nerves and excitement. Last year at NZFW, I was working as a hairstylist and when I saw all the amazing bloggers down there, I so badly wanted to be in their shoes. (literally) New Zealand Fashion Week was the very reason I decided to finally start my blog, so I guess this is a big deal for me..

Leaving my house at 9.30, which is a little early, but this gives me an hour and a half to get to the venue and find a park. As I get into the city, I now realise that I should have left even earlier…. Great, now I’m running late. Looking for a carpark that isn’t going to cost me $40 is proving to be a difficult task; note to self, next year get dropped off. Luckily I brought some flat shoes with me. When I finally park up, I throw on my flats and run to the venue.. But, I’m still too late and I miss the ITZME and Julian Danger show  (I was looking forward to that one so I’m a little gutted) I end up waiting in the foyer and having a coffee.

My next show is the Her Apparel and Willa & Mae show.  This should be good, I adore HER Apparel and have been following their journey for a while now… Both collections’ are amazing, I am so blown away by HER’s new collection, there are so many pieces I now need really badly and I can’t wait for the release date next year. I couldn’t find any more photo’s online,but the designs were really beautiful and the I loved the use of color.


My two favourite looks from the HER Apparel show, image source: nzfashionweek


Willa and Mae Image source: NZ fashion Week

After the show we have a quick glass of bubbly and then I head off to the NZ Weddings show. Waiting in the main foyer, the atmosphere is a little intimidating, I’m not going to lie.. (You know the drill, fashionistas that think they are a little too fabulous for their own good) I look around and notice some of the girls for the weddings show handing out cute gift baskets to all of the VIPs. I have to admit, I’m a little envious, those gift bags look pretty adorable. I keep waiting- Finally, they announce that they will be seating for the show. YAY! I can finally escape the awkwardness. I head up and hand the girl my ticket. “Oh, you’re only a GA!” she says really loudly. Now, I’m super embarrassed…. “Ahhh yeah, should I come back?” She then says they will only be seating the vip guests right now and I need to wait in line. I guess I should have expected this, I totally assumed that because I had been invited to the show that would mean my ticket was seated. I wait in line for maybe 10-15 minutes, watching the “important” people make their way inside. When I’m finally allowed in, I sit in one of the spare seats, it turns out there are over 100 spare seats anyway. So I do wonder why I had to wait so long…. Whatever, I sit down and enjoy the show.

PicMonkey Collage

The Weddings Show Image source: Unknown

The show is really beautiful, I’m completely obsessed with all the lace and every delicate detail that goes into the gowns. If I’m being completely honest, when I found out I was going to a wedding show I thought it could potentially be a little boring, purely because I’m not exactly planning on getting married again anytime soon but I was proven wrong, the designs were all quite simply, stunning and the music for the show too was so good! (Music can really make or break a show) I sneakily had to pull out Shazam for a few of the songs.

 After the show, I meet up with another friend for a drink and then I head home. My feet are incredibly sore. I really should have left my flats on…. As I’m walking back to my car, I can’t help but feel a little flat about my fashion week experience. Although I had a good time overall, the attitude of some of the people there kind of got me down. I just really don’t like the “I’m too good for you attitude” at all. Maybe I just thought a little too highly of it in the first place. I don’t mean to sound bratty, I just want to give you guys my honest opinion about the day. Putting that aside, what the designers had put together was so phenomenal and I loved being able to watch the shows, after all that why I was there in the first place right? I will be back on Saturday with a open mind, and a rundown of my outfits, and some tips of what I have discovered from my first year at Fashion Week.


August 12, 2015

updates cover

 Helllllllo! I thought I would just use today’s post to update you all on what’s happening. I have been doing loads of beauty posts lately and I haven’t really been sharing whats actually been happening in my life haha, so I thought I would touch base with you guys and share what I have been up to this past week and what some of my plans are in the no so distant future!

I actually just got back from Taupo, so I’m feeling more exhausted then ever but I’m ready to get stuck into creating loads more posts and hopefully some tutorials as well. I’m a little nervous about doing my own tutorials because the thought of “teaching” terrifies me. But…. I’m excited because I’m going to start my own YouTube channel up soon and I’m thinking that video’s will just help me to explain myself a little better..? This weekend I’m going to meet with a friend of mine who is going to help me with editing my vids. I’m such a rookie so don’t expect anything too great haha. I’m thinking my first video will be ready in a couple of weeks :)


This year will be my first ever year to head down to New Zealand Fashion Week and blog about the shows that I will be attending!!! I am so excited :) I worked as a hairstylist last year, it’s long days and tough work but such an amazing experience for sure. I’m hoping to be a little more involved this year and get a whole lot more pics to share with you guys too!

If you have liked my page on Facebook, you probably already know that this year I have been selected as a top five finalist for the H.I.T.O Hot New Talent Competition. Which means I could also be working as a stylist at NZFW as well! It will be a full on experience if I do make it through and I’m pretty excited that I have made it this far. There were hundreds of entrants so the fact I made it to the top five is pretty amazing! This would be such a great opportunity for me as a stylist and blogger, so thanks to everyone who has liked my pictures in the album, you guys rock!

If you are a pretty neat guy or gal and you haven’t liked my pics yet, you can do so

(every like helps!)



I also just wanted to share with you guys a couple of things I have been LOVING this past week, I have been playing with the Bossy Cosmetics Highlighter, it’s insane! I have never been one for highlighting, not because I don’t like it- but because I never got around to actually going out and buying one! I don’t think I can go back now, so thanks Bossy for introducing me! What’s better than glowy healthy looking skin right? It changes my whole make up look and I’m totally addicted. Watch out for a big review post for  coming soon :)

Also, I received this cute new Lace top by Newdress, which is an insanely cheap online store in Asia. I was also sent some distressed jeans…..but they don’t fit me :( Also they aren’t the ones I had initially ordered, so be wary if you do decide to buy anything from their store…. I am quite impressed with this cute little top though… It always comes down to, you get what you pay for! The cheapness of the store is so ridiculous however, so you can definitely walk away with some bargains.


Last weekend we celebrated my nan’s 70th Birthday at the Hilton in Taupo, the weekend went way too fast! I didn’t get to do half the things I wanted, but the birthday was such a great night. The food at the Hilton was soo good, and we were looked after really well! Here are some of my favourite pics from the night <3

Nothing is better than family

PicMonkey Collage21taupo (1 of 1)


My First Blog Giveaway

July 30, 2015

giveaway- lush- coffee scrub- asos- win

Mooooooorning, Good afternoon or Good night….wherever you may be reading this from!) I only just found out I have quite a few readers in the United States which is so amazing!…… Well, it’s 10am this Friday and I have only just woke up! Haha I do like a good sleep in… So today I’m doing something a teeny bit different on my blog. As some of you know, I reached 3000 Instagram followers last weekend! That’s super exciting for me! To know that I have that many people backing me on the gram is very cool! So I wanted to say a huge thank you, by hosting a giveaway! By entering you can win one Grounded Coconut- Coffee Scrub, a very cute double pearl ring by ASOS and a Lush bath bomb! That sounds pretty heavenly to me, right?!

If your not on Instagram, I’m going to allow you guys to enter on Facebook too! If your entering on Facebook, all you need to do is share this post onto your Facebook page, make sure you guys have liked my  page too, if you haven’t already :) Also, if you could comment on this post below to let me know you have done this? This is important, otherwise I won’t know who has entered! (also… make sure your Facebook post is to set to public so I can see it!)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot- this competition is open worldwide! So get entering!

P.s I haven’t done any fashion posts in FOREVER! I’ll be doing some more soon… I actually really miss doing them. Could you guys also do me a HUGE favour, can you tell me what type of posts you like me doing? Fashion, beauty, lifestyle?? What’s your favourite? I know lots of you loved my  post, so maybe some more similar ones to that? Hmmm…..Please let me know!


Don't worry, this isn't the one I'm giving away!

Don’t worry, this isn’t the one I’m giving away!

The perfect bath time essentials!

The perfect bath time essentials!


5 Ways to Get Motivated

July 29, 2015

mor-bonbon girls-motivated-myoffice

You put your heart and soul into something and for what?

If your not seeing the results you want straight away, it’s easy to lack motivation- you might even move onto the next thing altogether, but if you’re truly striving for something, sometimes all it takes is re-evaluation.

Are you spending your time the best way you could be? Should you be doing something a little differently to make things move a little faster? Something I have learnt is to treat your time like money. Spend it wisely and only where it’s beneficial to you. (I’m not saying give up your social life, but learn how to prioritise!)

The world has changed, and we are no longer waiting to be handed a golden ticket on the path to success. It takes a lot of determination and motivation. The possibilities are endless with how your story could go, so stop waiting and get shit done!

Never Stop Learning

Talk to people who inspire you and learn everything you can off them. The people you are spending your time with have a huge impact on you, so keep like-minded people around you all the time. People that are successful (in whatever it is that they do) are smart and it’s no coincidence. They are learning everyday and have huge passion. Try to set some time aside every single day to learn something new. Listening to podcasts in the car is a great way to do it on the go.

Write down a list of things you want to achieve that day

If your anything like me and you get distracted easily, this is the best way to keep yourself on track. If you write down a checklist for the day, it helps to make a little more sense of things. If you find yourself getting distracted, at least having a checklist close by will remind you to get back on track. Each time you check something off, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Take regular breaks

When your working, you should be taking 15 minute breaks every few hours. Take some time out to have something to eat or just to break away from what your doing for a minute. Getting outside is my personal favourite, even if it is just for 15. When you get back to work, you’ll feel more alert and motivated to carry on with what you are doing.

Work in a tidy space, and preferably a desk (not your bed)

If your in a position to work from your bed, that’s pretty badass so go you! Unfortunately it’s also a little distracting. I work from my bed a lot but find that I always end up watching YouTube or looking at Facebook etc. When your up and working at a desk, your going to feel a lot more motivated. Working at a desk just puts you in “work” mode, so your naturally going to get more done. Keeping the space around you tidy also helps.

Stop working after 5

If you make it a rule that you can’t work on something after a certain time, your going to be a little more motivated to get shit done by your finish time. Separate your work life from your home life. I know that when Richard gets home, I want to spend time with him, It’s also really important to be relaxed and refreshed for the next day so you can aim to get a whole lot more done.


How do you like to keep motivated? Let me know below and make sure to follow me over on  or  for more updates xx