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January 4, 2016

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The Best Moments of 2015.

I know this post is a little late, 2015 seems like a distant memory. But hey, I’ve been on holiday mode! I’ll be heading back to work tomorrow and then I’ll be back to posting on the regular. I know it sounds cliché but I really can’t comprehend where the time has gone. When I look back on 2015 there were definitely some awesome moments. Some pretty great opportunities came my way because of this little blog and because I have some awesome people around me who are constantly supporting every crazy decision I make.

From a last minute trip to Rarotonga to Pandora contacting me to work with them to having my very first interview published in a Magazine. I have so much to be grateful for and so many people to be grateful for. Including you, thank you so much for supporting this little site.

This year (I have already decided) will be my best yet and I hope you have already made this decision for yourself too. I have decided to set one goal and one goal only. I don’t want the distractions of a million other resolutions or goals that I won’t be able to achieve.  So, 2016 is the year I want to take this blog and mould it to where I want it to be. If I can eventually call this corner of the internet my full time job, I will be happiest gal alive. So, that is something I’ll be working on in 2016, and I could really do with your input!

All I need to know, is what type of posts YOU like to read. I want to create content that you get excited about! I know that I get a lot of hair questions, so I’ll be trying to fit a few more of those in but what are you interested in? Fashion, Beauty, Life Advice? Anything? I’m down for it all!

Let me know in the comments below and to say thank you, I’ll be picking a random winner for a spot prize filled with some hair and beauty goodies! (bonus points for anyone who shares this post) Get excited yall I have some really good stuff here for you

But for now, here are my top posts of 2015…..

BEST OF 2015

Did you have a favourite? Remember to let me know below and HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!


32 Things I learned from my apprenticeship

December 3, 2015

apprenticeshipStarting an apprenticeship is a huge step, your signing up to a minimum of three years of coffee making, shampoo scrubbing, studying, cleaning and training. All with a smile on your face and for minimum wage.

Choosing an apprenticeship over studying full time can save you loads of time and money however.  Your getting hands on work and your are building relationships with clients and people in your industry. Basically, your getting a head start and getting paid to do so.. While your friends are studying at uni and paying to be there.

This post is directed at a hairdressing apprenticeship, because obviously that’s what I have experience in, but I’m sure the guidelines would be very similar in other roles.

So here’s what I learned from my  hairdressing apprenticeship;

  1. Meal prep! Just because your working hard does not give you a free pass to eat junk food all day long. Fast food is quick and easy, and so many hairdressers end up eating it almost daily because there are days where you won’t get a proper break.  Instead, meal prep on the weekends and take loads of healthy snacks so you can eat on the go. (My favourite was chopped up celery with peanut butter)
  2. Keep organised. Take your kit to work and leave what you need, there. The amount of times I took my scissors home for a haircut and left them there!! If your going to your tools home, make sure you put them back in your bag straight after you use them.
  3. Utilize your friends. Your going to need about a million models so have a good group of friends you can rotate around for cuts and colours. Also, post status’ on Facebook, someone should make a group page for this by the way!
  4. Work towards small goals. Your apprenticeship will normally take a minimum of three years. So enjoy it while it lasts. Get really good at small goals like perfecting a big bouncy blow wave, too many apprentices want to be the best NOW. But to be the best, you need to focus on all the small goals in between. So set yourself some small goals every month and work at them continuously.
  5. Speaking of goals- Create yourself a bucket list. Having goals outside of your apprenticeship and setting some longer term goals will help you to focus on what you are working towards.
  6. Get pretty dam good at that shampoo! Clients love a good scalp scrubbing, so if your wanting future requests put everything into that shampoo!
  7. Just because your pay is pretty shitty now doesn’t mean it will always be. But also be grateful you are being paid to learn. This is a pretty rare thing today and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  8. Use your brain like your time. Don’t waste it. Absorb every bit of information from the people you are working under. If you are working under some pretty amazing stylists then become their “shadow” offer to shampoo for them, clean up after them and assist with anything they need. You have an awesome opportunity to learn from some amazing people and be paid to do so!
  9. But also, don’t be a doormat. This one took a while to sink in for me. Just because your an apprentice doesn’t give people the right to treat you like crap. Learn to stick up for yourself and do it in a polite manner. If someone is consistently picking on you- talk to your boss. If it is your boss doing this, try to arrange a meeting with them and if it’s still not being resolved then think about applying else where. You are a catch and once you get started in the industry, it’s pretty easy to find a salon that will treat you how you should be treated. No one deserves to be bullied.
  10. Sign up for weekend classes. I had a pretty great boss who signed me up (and paid) for any classes I wanted on the weekends. Through this I got to learn extra skills, meet new people and network with others in the industry. If your in New Zealand, I would suggest the Redken Cut it Classes, I learnt so much from these classes.
  11. Confidence is key. Another thing I seriously struggled with. Building confidence is how you win over new clients. They won’t trust you if you don’t trust yourself. In saying that, make sure you practice day and night, 24-7 before you start working on clients. Being pushed onto the floor too soon can really knock your confidence back so make sure you know exactly what your doing before you get to work on clients.
  12. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! It’s hair- it’s going to grow back and sometimes we need to make mistakes in order to learn and grow.
  13. Go to class. Something that used to bother me was the amount of students that would skip tech. It’s once a week and it’s only for about 10 weeks a year! Unless you enjoy resitting your assessments, go to class.
  14. Learn skills outside of your apprenticeship. The truth is, you may end up changing your mind about hairdressing. In fact a good portion of apprentices do. So learn all you can from it AND some. The great thing about being an apprentice is you’re learning exceptional customer service skills, keeping up with trends, creativity and your using your brain to think outside the square all the time. So if you decide hairdressing isn’t for you- there is so much more available to you!
  15. Mastering that perfect coffee and making it fast! You’ll get pretty good at this. Not only for your clients but for yourself, and yes you are going to need it in the morning, sometimes throughout the whole day.
  16. The salon is your new home, get comfy. When you start your apprenticeship your basically signing your life away. Get ready for 10+ hour days and say good bye to weekends.
  17. Make sure you have a good relationship with your colleagues. Your going to be spending a lot of time with them after all. Having good relationships makes for a better work environment and you can then ask each other for favours. Like covering each others asses when you turn up to work hung over.
  18. Yes, every Saturday- someone will turn up hung over.. It is a salon after all and drinking is how we unwind. It’s just a matter of time until it’s your turn. (Just turn up showered with fresh make up on please)
  19. Don’t turn up to work still drunk. I may or may not be speaking from experience. Just don’t.
  20. Hair shows are THE place to score yourself some free products. Go to those, the goodie bags are worth it.
  21. If you do get the chance to have a lunch break, try to get away from the salon. Even if it’s just for a half hour. This way no one can pull you off lunch to shampoo and you come back to work feeling refreshed.
  22. Ask for help! If your running late with a client or your having a really difficult time finishing one of your tasks- it can’t hurt to ask someone for a hand. Everyone knows that a salon only runs smoothly if everyone is working together as a team.
  23. Come to work well groomed. Every day. From Day One! This is the hair industry and it’s all about how you look! People will ALWAYS treat you better when you look like you take care of yourself. Especially in this industry. When you walk into a salon, do you want your stylist to look well groomed and professional or sloppy with messy hair and a bad colour stain over the front of their shirt?
  24. Leggings are not pants.
  25. Wash your hands before you eat lunch. Working in a salon is pretty dirty. Chances are you’ve just finished washing your clients scalp, or sweeping the floor or emptying the trash and now your about to use your hands to hold that sandwich…. and you are putting in your mouth,,,,? Stahhp. Go wash your hands please. No one wants a sandwich with a side of your clients scalp. Or do you…..
  26. You are going to work late, yeah on Friday nights too. Something I learnt pretty fast is that you never have a “set in stone” finish time. If your needed to work later, you are going to be working later. No questions asked (unless you have something really important on)
  27. Work quickly and visibly. You want that reputation of a hard working apprentice, it’ll pay off if your colleagues are impressed by you so think outside the square and do things that aren’t asked of you, Show your initiative and everyone will love you for it.
  28. Be hungry. If your passionate and want to grow, you will.
  29. Have a great attitude and leave your issues at the door. Because that is what is going to make your day better.
  30. Keep out of the drama. People will talk shit, let them. You don’t want to be known as a gossip.
  31. Your going to become incredibly high maintenance. Seriously, your going to be colouring your hair like every four weeks at least. Because, who wants the same hair colour for more then four weeks? Experiment away, this is the only role where it’s perfectly acceptable to rock up with 5 different shades of pink in your hair.
  32. Quit stressin’ Enjoy the ride, have fun and don’t take your free education for granted!
Some of my favourite apprenticeship moments

Some of my favourite apprenticeship moments

Do you know someone starting an apprenticeship? Share this post with them and leave me any tips below if you think I may have missed something!


The Shopaholics Guide to Saving

October 9, 2015


Step one to becoming a Girlboss.

Girlboss is the thought provoking book written by Sophia Amoruso. It teaches us all how to become a Boss in our own right. I’m not saying you need to own your own successful chain of stores to claim Girlboss status. Becoming a Girlboss is about taking charge of your life and having the freedom to live the life you truly want.

The truth is, it’s not your income, it’s about spending within your means.

Imagine if you had the financial savings to give you a little more freedom? How good would that be? I’m sure you can already think of a million ways to put it to good use. So, I have put together a guide on how to start taking control of your financial status.

Set Yourself a Weekly Budget.

Setting yourself up a weekly budget breaks down all your expenses. It lets you see how much your spending a week on things you don’t need and it allows you to revaluate where your money should be going.  Leave yourself a small budget for any random expenses that pop up.

Open a savings Account.

Set one up with your bank, its easy and they usually have great incentives. If you don’t touch the money in your account for a certain period of time, you can end up earning some great interest back. Make sure every payday you put a certain amount in each week, this will one day feel natural and you’ll get used to not having the extra cash there.

Ditch the Lattes.

You don’t realise the affect coffee has on your bank account until you look at your bank statement and count up how much it’s really costing you. Save yourself the pain and bring your coffee from home. Go out for coffee on the weekends as a treat.

Say NO to impulse purchases.

Impulse purchases are a great way to buy things you don’t need. Say no to buying things just because they looked pretty in the store or were on special. The only exception to that rule is if it’s something you have really wanted for a long time, then it finally goes on sale, go for it. Otherwise, it’s just going to be another scarf or another pair of shoes that sit in your closet. Your going to get home and never use it, so leave it where it belongs. At the store.

Hide your credit card.

The second step, and this is critical. Is to hide your credit card. Or even better- chop it up. I’m a firm believer in only spending what you have, and if you are really wanting to save- the credit card must go.

Unsubscribe from Mail Lists.

When you’re trying to save money- what’s the last thing you need? You’re favourite store telling you all about the great deals that you are missing out on. Or even worse… All the gorgeous new arrivals that just got in. That temptation is not welcome here, remember money in your account not your feet!

Find creative ways to make money.

If your struggling to get by this can be a great way to save. Use the extra cash to put directly into your savings. Some great examples are babysitting, bake sales or selling your clothes you no longer want online. You don’t have to be ultra savvy to come up with ways to make extra dough, just get back to basics. It creates a fun way to top up your savings. (This also cures boredom on your days off)

Have you got any savings tips to add? Let me know below, and if you enjoyed this post make sure you find me over on  for updates!



5 Ways to Get Motivated

July 29, 2015

mor-bonbon girls-motivated-myoffice

You put your heart and soul into something and for what?

If your not seeing the results you want straight away, it’s easy to lack motivation- you might even move onto the next thing altogether, but if you’re truly striving for something, sometimes all it takes is re-evaluation.

Are you spending your time the best way you could be? Should you be doing something a little differently to make things move a little faster? Something I have learnt is to treat your time like money. Spend it wisely and only where it’s beneficial to you. (I’m not saying give up your social life, but learn how to prioritise!)

The world has changed, and we are no longer waiting to be handed a golden ticket on the path to success. It takes a lot of determination and motivation. The possibilities are endless with how your story could go, so stop waiting and get shit done!

Never Stop Learning

Talk to people who inspire you and learn everything you can off them. The people you are spending your time with have a huge impact on you, so keep like-minded people around you all the time. People that are successful (in whatever it is that they do) are smart and it’s no coincidence. They are learning everyday and have huge passion. Try to set some time aside every single day to learn something new. Listening to podcasts in the car is a great way to do it on the go.

Write down a list of things you want to achieve that day

If your anything like me and you get distracted easily, this is the best way to keep yourself on track. If you write down a checklist for the day, it helps to make a little more sense of things. If you find yourself getting distracted, at least having a checklist close by will remind you to get back on track. Each time you check something off, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Take regular breaks

When your working, you should be taking 15 minute breaks every few hours. Take some time out to have something to eat or just to break away from what your doing for a minute. Getting outside is my personal favourite, even if it is just for 15. When you get back to work, you’ll feel more alert and motivated to carry on with what you are doing.

Work in a tidy space, and preferably a desk (not your bed)

If your in a position to work from your bed, that’s pretty badass so go you! Unfortunately it’s also a little distracting. I work from my bed a lot but find that I always end up watching YouTube or looking at Facebook etc. When your up and working at a desk, your going to feel a lot more motivated. Working at a desk just puts you in “work” mode, so your naturally going to get more done. Keeping the space around you tidy also helps.

Stop working after 5

If you make it a rule that you can’t work on something after a certain time, your going to be a little more motivated to get shit done by your finish time. Separate your work life from your home life. I know that when Richard gets home, I want to spend time with him, It’s also really important to be relaxed and refreshed for the next day so you can aim to get a whole lot more done.


How do you like to keep motivated? Let me know below and make sure to follow me over on  or  for more updates xx