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2016 IS FOR YOU.

January 15, 2016



I thought I would take some time this morning (while I’m feeling slightly more sane) to write about the happenings from this truly maddening week.

As most of you will know, I found out on Wednesday my 19 year old cousin died in a extremely horrific accident. He, and two others were taken this week and it’s been all over the papers and the internet which has been a little crazy for our family to deal with.

He was truly an amazing person and he had one of the biggest hearts I think I have ever seen on one single person.

I have all these crazy emotions, struggles and even the feeling of guilt. Their are so many things I wish I had said to him. So much regret of not making the effort I should have. The feeling of wanting to tell someone how much you love them when it’s all too late is one of the hardest pills to swallow.

You truly don’t realise just how important family is until something so cruel happens, and I think that is the saddest part of all. We often get too caught up in our own lives, we forget to take the time for those around us.

Your whole world could change in just an instant. Hold your loved ones close and let them know you care. Be kind to yourself and others. Don’t take this life for granted. Live every fucking second those who can’t.

I love you. 2016 is for you.


January 4, 2016

antoinette bonbon best of 2015

The Best Moments of 2015.

I know this post is a little late, 2015 seems like a distant memory. But hey, I’ve been on holiday mode! I’ll be heading back to work tomorrow and then I’ll be back to posting on the regular. I know it sounds cliché but I really can’t comprehend where the time has gone. When I look back on 2015 there were definitely some awesome moments. Some pretty great opportunities came my way because of this little blog and because I have some awesome people around me who are constantly supporting every crazy decision I make.

From a last minute trip to Rarotonga to Pandora contacting me to work with them to having my very first interview published in a Magazine. I have so much to be grateful for and so many people to be grateful for. Including you, thank you so much for supporting this little site.

This year (I have already decided) will be my best yet and I hope you have already made this decision for yourself too. I have decided to set one goal and one goal only. I don’t want the distractions of a million other resolutions or goals that I won’t be able to achieve.  So, 2016 is the year I want to take this blog and mould it to where I want it to be. If I can eventually call this corner of the internet my full time job, I will be happiest gal alive. So, that is something I’ll be working on in 2016, and I could really do with your input!

All I need to know, is what type of posts YOU like to read. I want to create content that you get excited about! I know that I get a lot of hair questions, so I’ll be trying to fit a few more of those in but what are you interested in? Fashion, Beauty, Life Advice? Anything? I’m down for it all!

Let me know in the comments below and to say thank you, I’ll be picking a random winner for a spot prize filled with some hair and beauty goodies! (bonus points for anyone who shares this post) Get excited yall I have some really good stuff here for you

But for now, here are my top posts of 2015…..

BEST OF 2015

Did you have a favourite? Remember to let me know below and HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!

LIFE Real Talk

What we can all learn from Essena O’Neill

November 3, 2015

SHOP_DIXI_ESSENA_ONEIL_BOHEMIAN_JEWELLER_01Essena O’Neill seems to be hot on everyone’s lips right now, the girl living the Instagram dream, known for her perfect body, having the perfect boyfriend and the ability to take a few thousand decent pictures for her social media account.

Which of course what we learnt is all a lie. Behind the selfies, the photo shoots and the push up bras was a young girl crying out for attention and love.

When it comes down to it, I think Essena just grew up. She was 15 when she started posting pictures of herself in a objectifying manner and thought it was a great way to get noticed. She is now 18, she is a smart girl and she doesn’t want that life anymore. Quite simply, she grew up, she changed, and she realized that she was doing something that she didn’t like and she didn’t value it in other people.

Just think about this for a second. Are you still doing the same things that you were doing at 15? Or 18? Or did you grow up and change your lifestyle to what it is today?

Does that mean that, the life of a promo girl is wrong?

Does that mean that earning money off social media is a bad thing?

Just remember this is not just happening on social media. Celebrities have been paid to advertise big brands for years and years. Everyone knows Justin Bieber isn’t actually using Pro-active, or that Eva Longoria isn’t actually coloring her hair at home with a L’oreal Box color (can we all just try and imagine Eva applying her own color at home for a second!?) They take the jobs simply because they are getting paid.

Essena, what I have learnt from you is that you were very young when you got into the social media game. You didn’t know what you were getting yourself into and you made decisions you now regret. Much like a young celebrity getting thrown a wod of cash to promote a skincare company they weren’t that into…

Girls that are making money through their social media accounts aren’t evil or doing wrong. They are simply making a living. Much like you do, when your at work..

I still believe social media is a great way to connect and share, but just be honest about what your doing. If your getting paid to promote something- be a little more transparent about it.

This goes for any job you happen to find yourself in- Don’t do it just for cash- Do it because you love it and it gives you some sort of satisfaction

If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them below. This post is not intended to encourage promoting products you don’t believe in, and that is something I never do here on Bonbon Girls. It is quite simply, sharing my opinion on the matter.


The Shopaholics Guide to Saving

October 9, 2015


Step one to becoming a Girlboss.

Girlboss is the thought provoking book written by Sophia Amoruso. It teaches us all how to become a Boss in our own right. I’m not saying you need to own your own successful chain of stores to claim Girlboss status. Becoming a Girlboss is about taking charge of your life and having the freedom to live the life you truly want.

The truth is, it’s not your income, it’s about spending within your means.

Imagine if you had the financial savings to give you a little more freedom? How good would that be? I’m sure you can already think of a million ways to put it to good use. So, I have put together a guide on how to start taking control of your financial status.

Set Yourself a Weekly Budget.

Setting yourself up a weekly budget breaks down all your expenses. It lets you see how much your spending a week on things you don’t need and it allows you to revaluate where your money should be going.  Leave yourself a small budget for any random expenses that pop up.

Open a savings Account.

Set one up with your bank, its easy and they usually have great incentives. If you don’t touch the money in your account for a certain period of time, you can end up earning some great interest back. Make sure every payday you put a certain amount in each week, this will one day feel natural and you’ll get used to not having the extra cash there.

Ditch the Lattes.

You don’t realise the affect coffee has on your bank account until you look at your bank statement and count up how much it’s really costing you. Save yourself the pain and bring your coffee from home. Go out for coffee on the weekends as a treat.

Say NO to impulse purchases.

Impulse purchases are a great way to buy things you don’t need. Say no to buying things just because they looked pretty in the store or were on special. The only exception to that rule is if it’s something you have really wanted for a long time, then it finally goes on sale, go for it. Otherwise, it’s just going to be another scarf or another pair of shoes that sit in your closet. Your going to get home and never use it, so leave it where it belongs. At the store.

Hide your credit card.

The second step, and this is critical. Is to hide your credit card. Or even better- chop it up. I’m a firm believer in only spending what you have, and if you are really wanting to save- the credit card must go.

Unsubscribe from Mail Lists.

When you’re trying to save money- what’s the last thing you need? You’re favourite store telling you all about the great deals that you are missing out on. Or even worse… All the gorgeous new arrivals that just got in. That temptation is not welcome here, remember money in your account not your feet!

Find creative ways to make money.

If your struggling to get by this can be a great way to save. Use the extra cash to put directly into your savings. Some great examples are babysitting, bake sales or selling your clothes you no longer want online. You don’t have to be ultra savvy to come up with ways to make extra dough, just get back to basics. It creates a fun way to top up your savings. (This also cures boredom on your days off)

Have you got any savings tips to add? Let me know below, and if you enjoyed this post make sure you find me over on  for updates!


LIFE Real Talk

The truth about counting calories.

September 19, 2015

These days on social media, you are highly praised for having a size zero waist. The amount of pressure on you is higher than ever before and it can be a daunting feeling. This is why I decided to share how the social media pressure has affected me, and how much damage it could be doing to you or someone else you know.

About two years ago, before I started my blog I dropped around 10kgs. It was something that started out as me wanting to eat healthy and take care of my body which I eventually let turn into a disorder, filled with sleepless nights and anxiety problems. Something I didn’t think would ever happen to me. Before this all happened, I had been happy with my body, there was no major self esteem issues and I was quite confident with how I looked.

It was when I started to meet lots of models and started getting a few modelling gigs myself that I decided I needed to start taking care of myself a little more. Just to make this clear, no one said this to me, I came up with it myself. So I downloaded the “myfitnesspal” app. This is an app where you track your calories for the day, set yourself goals and track your weight loss over the time that you started. I just thought it would be a good way for me to only eat what I needed, instead of over eating which is something I tend to do… I am a massive foodie. I love really good quality food!

Somewhere in those few months, I started to really rely on the number of calories I was allowed. To the point that when I was eating something I wouldn’t enjoy it, I would just think to myself “okay cool that’s only 100 calories so I have 500 left for dinner but I’ll try to not eat all of them” or “I am so freaking hungry, but if I eat right now, I’ll be over my goal.. I’ll just have a glass of water and hope it goes away” People started to point out my weight. Complaining that I had gotten too thin. P.s I know you were tying to help, but this doesn’t help, this just made me feel worse. I was in denial because I strongly believed that this was not a disorder, I just thought I was being healthy. The fact that I was still eating led me to believe that I was fine. But I wasn’t. Not really.

On days where I ate over my goal I wouldn’t sleep all night because I just thought about how big I was going to get. It’s like the scariest thing that could ever happen to me was get fat. Anxiety kicked in. If you know me, you’d know that I am the most chill person ever. Anxiety and I had never really met before… How did I let it get this bad??

What happened was I stopped looking at how I looked in the mirror and instead I focussed on the number on the scale. When I finally hit 57kgs (which I suppose sounds ridiculous to you all but I am really tall. The “normal” weight for my height is 70kgs (according to the docs) I decided that this was a good weight for me and to be honest I was so sick of people complaining about how I looked. I knew I had gone too far and I decided I would start to just try and maintain the weight I was on.

While I was “maintaining” my weight, I started to relax my thinking about it. I still had a few sleepless nights here and there about how I was letting the ball drop and how fat I was going to get. Eventually over time, I got sick of it. I got sick of the app, I got sick of being so hard on myself and I was tired of noting down every single thing I ate! I decided to delete it off my phone. The next month or so, I downloaded and deleted it off my phone multiple times. Because I had been doing this for so long, I still wanted to be really skinny but I didn’t want all the issues that it came with.

I deleted it for the final time and I started to gain some weight. I’m really grateful no one mentioned my weight gain when I slowly started gaining it back, even though I could tell they noticed, they knew not to talk about it by this point. I was still in a really weird state of mind. It has been such a “off limits” topic for me, again if you know me.. I talk about ANYTHING. I decided to share this with you all because it turned me into such a different person while it was happening. I had no idea how cloudy my brain had become, and how obsessed I had become with being tiny.

These days, I’m back to my old self. I’m at a healthy weight and I feel good. I’m no way near perfect, I have a sugar addiction and I over eat dinner sometimes but I’m really okay with this. I know I’m really lucky to be so comfortable with myself. I know that a lot of other girls struggle much worse than I but the fact that this did affect me the way that it did just proves that it really can happen to anyone.

Even though, I preferred not to discuss it with anyone until now, I know that talking about it could have made the situation so much better. It’s awkward and uncomfortable at first but once you do, it’s like a massive weight has lifted off your shoulders.