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January 8, 2016

2015 LookbookMY 2015 LOOKBOOK.

Before I turn 26 and start the dreaded next chapter in my life (otherwise known as my late 20’s) I thought I would put together a mini Lookbook of all my favourite outfits I wore in 2015. Along with some minimal styling tips.

Looking back at these photos brings me so many memories of not only my outfits, but the people I met, the things we did, the talks we had and the art of creating cool images for this blog. I enjoy creating my Look Posts the most for this blog so I am hoping to get a whole lot more packed in this year. This time around focussing on styling tips and finding the best places to shop etc. Because who doesn’t want a Beyoncé wardrobe without that price tag..?

From my Best Of 2015 post I had a few requests for some beauty/make up videos too, and while this scares me, I am very much up to the challenge so thank you to everyone that commented! Your opinion means the world to me!

So, here I bring to you all, My 2015 LOOKBOOK

Look One; This was one look I created with Wilde Hearts Boutique. Crop tops and High-waisted shorts were something I was all about in 2015. I have quite a little stomach so the high cut from the shorts accentuates that and provides a really flattering shape. I like that not too much skin is showing and I felt really confident wearing this. Full shoot is here!

Look Two; This is a cute play on colours, I love colour clashing for fun every now and then just to keep it interesting. The dress is by Natalie Chan Boutique and leather satchel is one of my favourites! For all you Aucklanders that were keen on the bag you can find it from The Cashmere Co. which is located on Queen st. This was shot by Clara Pafundi, and we shot quite a few different looks so if you want to see the rest you can on this post

Look Three; This is such a cute jumpsuit! I love the gold bar and the sweetheart neckline and apparently  so did you guys! I had quite a few messages about this one over on my Instagram. It’s super simple yet beautiful and I think it’s also quite a timeless look. Black and gold never ages :)

Look Four; This was apart of my NYE post. Oh my gosh! This dress is just incredible. I still can’t get over the fact that it was only $85 from Boohoo, such a steal!

Look Five; Ahhh one of my absolute favourite looks. It’s preppy, it’s girly and sassy. Everything I love about a outfit! I have always loved dressing like a school girl (haha) I guess I just like to channel my inner Cher from Clueless. I find it cute and that’s all that matters. Confidence is always key, as long as you feel good, you can wear  it.

Look Six; Another one of my preppy looks from last year! This one was a more recent addition and I just felt cute in it. Theirs just something about a good pleated skirt. When I wear something like this, I’m mentally playing OMI- Cheerleader in my head.

Look Seven; These pants are the bomb. I love them, I have had them for like three years now and I kind of just love how unique they are. I haven’t worn them in a while however and will probably list them in my store soon. Yes, as always paired with my leather jacket. You have probably noticed by now, this jacket is my go to. It’s my statement piece and it’s something I always feel good in. Unless your a vegan, get yourself a leather jacket, you won’t regret!

Look Eight; Cute little sailor outfit. I fell in love with these shorts because they had such a great fit and the material was lovely. I do love a good stripey outfit too. It just adds a light amount of “sailor” to a look. P.S spot the high waist and crop happening yet again?

Look Nine; Well fitted pants, cute lace up shoes and a beautifully detailed top and we have a awesome work to drinks look. I love how versatile this look is and the silhouette is stunning. Thanks yet again to Boohoo! Stunning looks for less as always.

Thanks again to everyone who likes, comments and shares my posts. That’s what keeps this blog going and I am loving the support from you! This year will be filled with so many more fashion and beauty posts and I’m really excited to get started! Please comment below if there are any areas you want me to talk about! I love hearing what you have to say xx

Have an awesome weekend lovelies xxx



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