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December 23, 2015


I know the Balmain for H&M range is now considered old news, but I am just so infatuated with these pictures of Andy Torres, the dress.. the boots… the whole look is perfection! Why must New Zealand be so far away from all these gorgeous stores? We totally missed out on the whole Balmaination. New Zealand, I love you, but were a little stuck in time.

H&M is one of my favourite stores, the clothes are actually really fashion forward and the prices are even better.I am just praying that when H&M comes to New Zealand next year, we get a really great range of options. In saying that, I still haven’t gotten myself down to (the not so new anymore) Topshop. I’m just assuming that everything will be well overpriced, so I haven’t bothered yet…!

If your reading from New Zealand and have been, is the Topshop on Queen worth a visit? Or have they just totally capitalised on it being the only one and marked everything up? Let me know below! x


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