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July 23, 2015
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Excuse the scratches, bottle has had a hard life

When I was 19 years old, I was studying full time and I worked one day a week at the supermarket. I was earning around $100 a week (and living away from home) In other words. I was dirt broke. During my lunch breaks, I would often walk up to the top of Queen St just to walk into Smith and Caughey’s and check out their display of the Viktor & Rolf perfume I so desperately wanted. Flowerbomb, the dreamy floral scent, that I could no way near afford….and yes of course I sprayed the tester all over myself, despite the snobby sales girls rolling their eyes.

That Christmas, I was gifted the perfume by my momma. Oh she is a good woman…. Six years on and I am still wearing Flowerbomb, I guess old habits die hard.

These days she does have a little competition, the perfume that is, not my momma…… after I discovered Viktor & Rolf were bringing out a new perfume called Bonbon, I had to have it. Yes, just because of the name! When I received it as a gift last year I was way too excited to wear it! Although, I did initially think I wouldn’t like it as much as my beloved favourite… I obviously had tried it on in the store, but when your wearing a perfume daily, your opinions change of the scent. Now I think Bonbon might just be better than Flowerbomb? Loads of girls would kill me for saying that I’m sure! Bonbon is a very sweet caramel explosion delivered in a candy pink bow. I wear it almost daily until I find the next thing to come along that is.

So are you team Bonbon or Flowerbomb? Or are you not into either? They have one thing in common and that is that they are very sweet. You may have figured by now, I have a massive love for overly sweet smells.

Well, in my opinion, Viktor & Rolf can definitely do one thing right, and that’s make dreamy scents that make girls go gaga everywhere.

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